Thank You my Friends

Last Update: July 11, 2017

I want to say thank you to all my friends her on Wealthy Affiliate. I have to admit that when I started WA in 2013 I really didn't understand the true concept of WA and community here. And at that time I didn't feel good about myself I was at very low point in my life with all that was going on at that time. So when I joined WA again a few months ago I have to say that the community made me fell better about myself. Yes I was slow about interacting but now I feel great about interacting with my friends. A friend told me that I have changed so much to the better lately, and that I am more positive. Yes I'm not on here as much as I need to get more done and I need to work on my website more to get it really rolling. But I end up reading blogs and questions and interacting with friends I even went to a movie and found myself interacting with my friends and watching the movie. With that said I want to thank all of you for making me a better person andbeing good friends


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MKearns Premium
Good vibes here for that Robert!
CraigW315 Premium
A few recent quibbles aside, this is an awesome community and I think that one can't help but become more positive through interacting with everyone here. I'm glad that you are feeling more upbeat!
Beckywahm Premium
I joined a while back, but never cancelled my subscription. I am thankful for this community, too.
donyutuc Premium
You speak for a lot of us, Robert. Your my good neighbor up north. I'm your neighbor and friend down south.

RikaSF Premium
Thanks for sharing Robert. I agree, WA also made me more positive and is also good for the self-esteem and build your confidence:)
thedogman Premium
Thank you for the reply.