"My Journey To $10,000 a Month": Day 13 - Submitting My Article To Street Articles

Last Update: March 05, 2013
O.k so it took me a couple hours (lol). Its my first article, I think I over did it on the research, spent too much time on the keywords, had my keywords, then changed them (ugh). Once I completed it I actually was very pleased for it being my first article. By the way I personally used the "Organic Milk Case Study" that you can find here at WA, it was written by Kyle. It totally helped me from beginning to end while I was writing my article. And then a monkey wrench is thrown into the mix. I selected save draft because my computer was acting up...again!. I copied so I could paste to my note pad just in case and at that very moment my computer froze, and I rebooted. As you know I have been having problems with this for a few days now. I know I need a new laptop, and this confirms it. Anyways, I restarted and I opened browser to street articles and I kept getting a message 503 Service Unavailable. I'm sure its my computer and not the site. Yet I'm able to open the wealthy affiiliate site as I'm here writing about it. One can only sympathize :)

I suppose I will turn my system off for the night and cross my fingers that street articles saved my draft. If its not saved I will have to re-do. I'm a bit bummed cause I feel that I have spent a bit of time on this area, but at the same time I have in my mind that this is my first time around, its my training and that once I complete my course, my four levels... it will get easier and faster the second time around. I am feeling a bit disappointed, but not defeated.

Tomorrow is another day, I will awaken with a positive mindset and determined to climb over this hill. In fact as you know I'm a runner and first thing after a nice big bowl of fruit and naked juice I'm going to do a 4 Mile run which 2 miles is mostly uphill. This will motivate me, that if I can run that hill, I can get over THIS hill. With a little perseverance and a little motivation anything is possible. I really like doing this, so I really need to stay focused and motivated especially when everything is going awry. CARPE DIEM

"You either evolve or evaporate"
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Freedomseekr Premium
It's always a good idea to save whatever you are working on as you go. I had written an article for Street Articles over 900 words and lost it when I tried to add an image to it before saving it! At least I think that's what happened to it, since it was fine and then I clicked add image and it was gone! I did not have a copy of it anywhere either and ended up doing it all over again. So frustrating I could have cried!
Now, I make sure to copy it and save it in MS Office word every paragraph or so, just in case. I know there is Google Docs that is supposed to be better at this and more compatible, but I have never used it yet.
The Crazy Guru Premium
Yeah! I know what you mean, I lost mine too. I am now going to use Google docs
wtbee2013 Premium
I read your blog then it was minutes later when the song by Sanctus Real - Promises can to my mind here are some of the lyrics
hold on to the promises (Hold tight) Hold on to the promises (Alright) Jesus is alive so hold tight. Hold on to the Promises
Not sure if this is for you but God is good i know that
The Crazy Guru Premium
Great Lyrics, I will google it to listen.
lorriebrown3 Premium
"You either evolve or evaporate" Powerful ~ That woke me up this morning.

No other option but to move forward. Have a great day!
The Crazy Guru Premium
Thanks Lorrie! You too have an awesome day.
autumn56 Premium
Grats on getting the first article written. Over research is never a bad thing except that it takes up time. The good thing though is that extra stuff you may have picked up can probably be used in another article which means you saved on research time for that one =). Writing has a tendency to get easier the more you do it. My computer was acting up like that a lot a while back, I had to finally reformat it but I got into the habit of saving everything to a flash drive while I worked so that if it did crap out I still had my stuff. I think google docs might let you work on stuff in cyberspace and save it there so that you can access it from anywhere, though i have not personally used it.

Keep it up!