"My Journey To $10,000.00 a Month": Day 16 - Training + More Training = More Success!

Last Update: March 07, 2013
It didn't take long to realize that though the "Certification Courses" are my primary training to learning, growing and succeeding, I still need to compliment that training with more training. If I am to become an expert in this business I need to expand my learning. I have blocked a certain amount of time on a particular day for my additional training. I would do the occasional tutorial, but it needed to be more. A sign that I needed to add training on a certain subject is when I start asking questions (cause its quicker), better yet several questions pertaining to the same subject and rather than to just look it up on the "search" I would ask... but the tutorials, and videos are much more thorough and give me a clearer picture. Its good for the quick fix to just ask, but actually searching for what I need to learn takes me further. Once I search the area I need help in and then do the training, I realize there was actually more to my question, so I definitely get more of an answer.

Today I viewed approximately 23 training videos and a tutorial and will be doing this once a week, and daily If I need help on a certain subject at that moment I will look it up and view it so that I don't stall my progress, which has happened. Although I know that I wont remember everything it still has broadened my learning and I know that I can always go back if I need to refresh. It gave me more confidence, learning just automatically gives me more confidence.

There is absolutely nothing that I have not found in here (WA) to build, grow and succeed in my business. Every question I have questions about, even concerns is literally in here, its weird!...(weird is good) Its weird because its kind of, if not, unheard of. Normally you find one thing in one site, then you have to go to another site to find something else etc.

Today I also purchased some magazines having to do with my niche to give me some ideas, ideas that I can use on my website and just in general for some articles. I found this to be extremely helpful, it got my juices flowing again. With the additional training and my magazines, I feel renewed. I needed ideas...and I found them. Now I can keep implementing everything I have learned...and then some.

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PepperGuy Premium
Keep going the way you do. I like reading your reports. Oh, and if you want to save some money Use the local library and see if they have any magazines. There are some libraries that keep old issues on hand also (Rediscover the Romance)If you aren't scared or embarrassed hit a couple of paper recycling centers. I have found some really great issues of Niche magazines just full of ideas. When you are through..just return the magazines to whence they came...the recycling bin.. Cheers on your progression..Stay well Bill
The Crazy Guru Premium
Great Ideas! thanks Bill. There's no shame in my game ;), I absolutely will look into the library and recycle centers. Thanks again
Hudson Premium
Great post and great messages, well done and keep focused like this.
The Crazy Guru Premium
Thank you Hudson!