"My Journey To $10,000.00 A Month - "Understanding The Importance Of Keywords"

Last Update: March 09, 2013
In keeping with my training I watched a training video "Understanding the importance of Keywords". Despite going through Mastering keywords this shed some light on the fact that despite its title "Understanding the importance of keywords" my take away is to understand NOT to put too much importance on the keywords as its not our primary goal, as our goal is to direct our attention on the reader, to engage the reader. Basically I need to speak to my imaginary friend (my reader) so that it comes across as natural as possible. I found this to be very valuable, cause its true we focus so much on the keywords that we lose sight of our reader and it becomes an article with a bunch of words spread out on a page only to make absolutely no sense, with no story behind it.

I checked the results of my first article that I published with Street Articles this week and well, just the fact that it wasn't rejected was a success despite having only 12 views 1 click and a CTR of 5%. My objective was met, which was to get the courage to write an article, to have it accepted (not rejected) and to actually publish an article. Those were my goals, and so I achieved that. I wrote an article months ago before committing as I have now, mind you I had no idea what I was doing and I placed article with a bunch of random keywords, making no sense and as you can imagine...it was rejected. So, to have it accepted this time around shows the value of my training here being that I published based on what I have learned here.

My goals for my next article writing is obviously to improve on my writing and to increase my CTR. The fact that my CTR was 5%, that to me is huge, being that It was not something that was important to me for my first article...but its definitely something that I will now be monitoring and focusing on. My other objectives are to increase the amount of articles that I submit, this has to increase and I'm certain that once I complete my training, at that point I will do just that. Its all about taking action and little by little, slowly but surely getting to the point of bringing all my training together.

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