"My Journey To $10,000.00 a Month" - Are You A Target For Online Scams ?

Last Update: March 18, 2013
I thought I'd write today about my blog "My Journey To $10,000.00 a Month. Recently I was told that my blog could be on the internet and my title could attract the wrong people and target me or my company. Needless to say that freaked me out!. I know that in the past it has freaked me out to see that so much of what I do is on the internet, I found on the internet the other day where it said "this person also owns other websites" etc. and also my address etc.

Its scary to see how our private life is no longer private, everything seems to be on the internet as far as what we do, what we own, where we've been etc etc. and we aren't even famous! I wouldn't even want to be,...just to see how everything is out there for everyone to see, like someone is peaking through your living room window looking into your home, that's what it feels like and quite frankly I don't like that, its scary. I like to think that I'm not important enough that someone would want to know about me or my life :) But the fact is, is that we are now all fair game.

When I was told that...my first instinct was to stop writing my blog, and to even delete everything I have written. I don't write my goals for reasons of gloating or the likes of that, but it motivates me, and it motivates others. I like writing about this journey because many of us here have the same goals in mind some with more, some with less. But its not the amount we want to make, its the fact that we have a goal that we want to achieve. Some people want to run a 5k, some a 10k, some a 1/2 marathon or a marathon. The satisfaction, the glory, the happiness, and the pride that is felt at the end of any one of those runs is the same for each person, because they each achieved what they set out to do. They had a goal in mind and they each met their own goal.

Time will tell, but I do confess...it freaked me out! (LOL).
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lorriebrown3 Premium
CrazyGuru ~ I second wtbee2013, I was wondering where you were. I so look forward to your post. It's amazing we never know where or who will be a piece in building our online business puzzle. You're a piece of the puzzle as I build my online business. Thank you for your post and allowing me to share in and learn from your journey.

Wow! You really gave me something to think about. However, I know that the road to success is straight through all the crap. If you know what I mean.

We have to build a strong shell to succeed. That includes putting ourselves out there so others can see and follow. We are creating a unique business that many have tried and given up because of the crap and exposure other like to create. Like spammers, hackers, peepers but keep in mind those that hung in there and built their businesses strong and live amazing lives today. Kyle and Carson are just two that went through a lot of crap (I'm sure) so we can have the opportunity to build on a level playing field.

I guess the best we can do is protect ourselves as much as we can.

You can build it. We can build it no matter how freaked out we get!

Woooo! Hooooo! Thank you for another great topic in our journey to success!

Have a wonderful day.

The Crazy Guru Premium
Thanks Lorrie. Yes your absolutely right. onward my friend.
wtbee2013 Premium
So glad you are back I have been wondering where you where. Last night while I was going over my day, and the next I was thinking I wanted to go on your profile and check on you. Glad you are OK, I understand you worries, when I was setting up all the social sites I paused, because I knew I was opening myself up even more.

I just try to remember God has my back and he is in control...
The Crazy Guru Premium
art tech Premium
We were talking about this in chat the other day, "privacy on the net" Your blogs are uplifting and we can identify with you. Sharing your goals are not gloating here on WA, they are putting it out there in a community that understands so keep up the good work and glad you are back. If doubts and IM fear pops in share it here on WA. Someone will care and answer. Best wishes.
The Crazy Guru Premium
thanks art!
MrChimney Premium
Believe it or not, even if you erase your blog post now; you work still can probably be retrieved off the main computer servers. Enjoy life, because there is very little privacy. I notice the only people who really have to worry, are people running for political office. Ever notice how secret stuff just pops up at the most awkward time for politicians. It is amazing. The movie Enemy of the State displays a lot of real technology. Check out your nearest spy store. You will be amazed at the technology available. I use to work at a parcel service and got to read many packages. I noticed this spy store kept getting some packages that caught my attention. I decided to visit the retail spy store and I was astonished of how many devices are made to listen to our conversation without our knowledge. One of the most interesting companies around today is spybubble.com. You can listen to anyone's cell phone conversation in real time or delayed time, see pictures they took, get their gps location, and see their text messages. You got to love the information age.
The Crazy Guru Premium
LOL...That"s even spookier!