Please Welcome Ken - He Just Went Premium!

Last Update: January 18, 2020

Please welcome Ken to our WA Family! Ken is my Referral and he just went Premium!

I am so proud of Ken for making such a wise decision!

Let's all let Ken know that we are in this journey together and here to help each other succeed! Add him to your Network too!

Ken, let any one of us know when you have a question while going through the training or building your website! You can also post questions on your Blog Post, Live Chat or Private message 24/7. You can also message me directly anytime.

Also, thank you so much Ken for your service to our country! My hat is off to you! :)


Get to know Ken. Ken's Bio

from Ken's Bio:

"My name is Ken Moody, I am a Disabled Vietnam Army Veteran. I was awarded the Purple Heart, The CIB, and the State of Maine Silver Star. I am also a retired Drug Store Manager. I live with my lovely Wife Wilma and our Yellow Lab Rosie. I Love having Hobbies and thought that having a website and making a little money on line could be fun as well as profitable. "

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edhozubin Premium
Pleased to meet you, Ken & wish you the best in your journey in 2020 at WA
DouglasPlumb Premium
So great to see this for both of you. Wishing you both a ton of success this year.
starfalex123 Premium
Hi Ken,Great to have you with us.
drjec Premium
Great news. Thanks for letting us know.
CMKetay Premium
Whoo hoo! Great investment in yourself and your future! Christine