Iiiiii'mmmm Ba-a-a-a-ck!

Last Update: July 21, 2014

I have been fighting an unexpected health issue and the bottom line is...I have to slow down & not try working more than 40 hours a week (no more work binges til 3 or 4 am).

So, I have a new strategy for WA & my websites. I will not be as active on WA as I need to catch up with website upgrades & creation. If I don't put into practice what I have learned so far on WA then I am not optimizing those skills.

In addition, I will be moving a couple of my websites off of WA as there are too many issues happening as they upgrade WA system. I will still be using the WA websites as testing ones for learning additional skills for SEO & etc., however, the main websites I have decided to put in place to earn money need a stable environment. I also need to catch up on the new training on WA.

So, at the present time, I will not be pursuing an ambassadorship until I get caught up on training & the websites upgrades/attentions.

Since I'm a 'complicated' woman concerning health issues, I just can't do 80 hrs of work a week any more. My heart is still young, but my body is yelling at me, "What in heaven's name do you think you're doing anyway!"

I will also be asking more questions (searching for the answers first, though) and reading through some other emails that I think might contain information that I need to know.

I am deeply grateful for WA as I would have never had learned as much as I have in such a short time without them. I do best with structured learning & hands-on labs, so WA was the ideal platform for me to accomplish acquiring new skills.

I am also appreciative of everyone here at WA family & all their assistance. I am very glad to be back in the loop of WA. I'll also appreciate extra prayer as I move forward.

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Sui_generis Premium
It's really important to listen to your body. Ambassadorship can wait.
techhound Premium
Hey Terry,

Welcome back. I did notice that you haven't been as active recently. It is important to have a work/life balance and 80 hours is too much. Sometimes it's necessary to put in a bit more work but you can't do that consistently.

Your business efforts are definitely more important than ambassadorship.

If you get stuck on any of the training, just give the community a shout out or PM me and I'll be glad to help in any way that I can.

Best Regards,
wildcatblue2 Premium
You take care of yourself first, everything else will fall into place second! :)
Lancer501 Premium
Welcome back Terry...you take it easier now and listen to your body.
TerryAsh Premium
Thank you. I promise I will. It'll all work out at the end of the wash cycle. :-)
jjohnson777 Premium
I love 80 hour work weeks but sure in 5-10 years that will change. Helps when work for yourself.