We Were Given this Skinny Christmas Tree

Last Update: December 26, 2018

Beginning of 2018, we moved to a different State. It has been full of new things for my husband and myself! New little home our builder built for us, new environment, new friends, new EVERYTHING!

We are almost a year here (close to no longer new kids in the block). On November 17th (last month), I planned to help my sister start decorating for the holidays. It is their tradition to host Thanksgiving Dinner every year with approximately 40 guests of friends and families.

Thanksgiving Week

In the U.S., we celebrate Thanksgiving on the 2nd to the last Thursday in the month of November. But not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving. As hosts, it became part of their tradition to decorate for the holidays the week before Thanksgiving.

Plans changed that day though. My sister asked if I would be open to join and decorate a tree in some kind of warehouse instead, - which she actually had little information of details. She was asked by her daughter (my niece), that she could use some help to decorate this tree. Somehow, anything decorating-related tasks, it gets my creative thinking fire up! So, there I went!

Warehouse of Christmas Trees

My niece is a small business owner in the area and her company sponsored this tree. There is supposed to be a theme. Still didn't make sense to me.

We arrived at this warehouse and noticed groups of people decorating their trees, with different holiday themes. It was a warehouse of trees! We signed up as volunteers. I was mesmerized... there were holiday wreaths - anything and everything you can think of for holiday decorations, ornaments galore! I was curious some trees were wrapped in plactic, some were not.

Skinny Tree

We were given this tree, - why too skinny? I said quietly. I would rather decorate a much fuller tree, LOL. I stopped for a moment to ask what exactly we're doing with this tree.

We were told there's a certain theme, and this theme was picked by niece's team and her 10-year son. All we had was a picture to somewhat follow as our guide. It was supposed to be a Star Trek-themed tree. We found out that this project we're doing was for a certain foundation for children's hospital. We gathered all the decorations we needed and put our creative imagination to work. A project which I still had no complete understanding of the big picture and what happens next.

Festival of Trees

Long story short, we were informed that all trees, decorations will be transported and put for silent auction and the tree we decorated will be for sale to the public at the Convention Center. It was the foundation's annual event called "The Festival of Trees".

We had the opportunity to attend their preview night before the opening day during their 'Whiskey & Wine Night' event. In a way it was a simple celebration for me for two things - First, to celebrate our efforts and seeing not just the tree we decorated but EVERYTHING and secondly, to celebrate my excitement, my WA accomplishment. It was that day when I shared my excitement and wrote a blog here.

Do you remenber when you published your first content? It was my very first website published blog related to my niche which took me FOREVER to write. Even this post you're reading has taken me forever to post. :)

Darth Vader - SOLD

So here it is.... meet our team's Christmas Tree! Darth Vader!

We were told our treee was one of the 10 trees that were sold before the opening day. Priced approximately at $750 USD all proceeds went to a good cause. My eyes got so big to learn it sold that much.

With limited time to come up with unique ideas to complete the project in 2-3 hours, I was honored to be a part of the team of volunteers, each group coming up with different awesome ideas. for the same cause.

Best present I gave this Christmas Season - was that GIFT OF TIME! The time spent decorating which started to be bare skinny tree for a foundation for children.

Why am I sharing this story?

Because, I think this is a story that has morals and powerful messages behind it (at least to me, anywaw). It seem to relate to our journey here at WA. We have this great opportunity from building our websites and business from the ground up, similar to that bare Christmas skinny tree.

Everyday we decorate it, by learning what is taught in trainings step by step... a lot of things doesn't make sense, and we ask questions. The whole community helps us any way possible for our success. Sooner or later, we will reach that goal we set and we will make an impact, not just within this community, but to all we helped along the way!

Have a Wonderful Christmas Season to those who celebrate and a Happy New Year!


P.S. My brother-in-law ended up decorating their home. :)

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ClaudetteT1 Premium
Thanks for sharing.
terri2018 Premium
Thanks for reading Claudette! You're welcome. :)
JerryMcCoy Premium
Great post. Giving the gift of time is more precious than most items given, since you are giving of yourself.
terri2018 Premium
Thank you Jerry! It’s more precious than material things. All the best.

sfortson Premium
This is a great story!! I know some people that would buy that tree for even more lol. What a great fundraiser!!!
Thanks for sharing this wonderful story!!
terri2018 Premium
Thanks so much Stacie for reading and following. I think it was sold for more, and great if it did... more funds for the children.
Israel17 Premium
Wow - these are really awesome. Merry christmas! Wishing you a happy and prosperous new year! Thanks for the post! Looking forward to seeing your future accomplishments!

Israel Olatunji
terri2018 Premium
Thanks Israel! Much blessings and success to you.