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January 26, 2019
Hey WAWinners! I reached this 3-month milestone here as a Premium Member the other day! So...Yayy, to me! Here are just words straight from my heart. No pictures, no bold headers. :)When I first seriously researched the 'online work from home world', I was just coming back from a trip after running the Berlin Marathon last September.As many of you know, or you may have experienced, there are tons of 'too good to be true's' out there. My husband and I were scammed once - fortunately, we didn't l
Sharing this cover photo I took at the Rose Parade in Pasadena in 2013.I drafted this blog before NYE, but was on a road trip and had intermittent internet service. I just would like to wish everyone a Happy & Prosperous New Year! Thank you for being YOU!It's been a wonderful 3 month-ride since I started. Though I have not published the contents I had targeted, I know I'm progressing just well. Everyday, I learn something. One thing that stands out the most, is I learned most of it through
Beginning of 2018, we moved to a different State. It has been full of new things for my husband and myself! New little home our builder built for us, new environment, new friends, new EVERYTHING! We are almost a year here (close to no longer new kids in the block). On November 17th (last month), I planned to help my sister start decorating for the holidays. It is their tradition to host Thanksgiving Dinner every year with approximately 40 guests of friends and families. Thanksgiving WeekIn the
Just sharing this brief note with you ALL! It took me a while but with practice, it will surely get easier. Looking foward to the next content I have in mind for the next blog! Thank you everyone for your daily encouragement! :)For now, off to a simple celebration! Better yet, I will write my next WA blog here tomorrow sharing what this simple celebration I'm going attend tonight with family!
From The Newbie On The Block!What to do? What to Do? Both my sites have been indexed, but need contents. The first one was setup with a domain name unrelated to my niche. I will be working on this site at a later time when I gain more experience. But first, focusing on my second niche site now is top priority! I could just breeze through Training Level 3 and mark it complete then move on, but it is so wrong! I must publish (at least) my first content and do the homework. Did this ever happen to
We hear or read it over and over again here at WA! This is a marathon not a sprint! For newbies like me, I'm sure you received messages from fellow members suggesting to take the training at your own pace. You can do it! Keep hustling! :) You know what? We normally don't hear these in other environment all the time (well, maybe sometimes, but not all the time). And yet, we hear it here from members whom we've never even met face to face. All the warm welcome, all the words of encouragement, the
First niche! As I was going through the training, I stalled for a very long time on what will be my first niche. So thankful to this awesome community for answering my questions and to @littlemama and @kyle in helping me brainstorm.I think once we have our niche, it is a great starting point. Without it, I found myself jumping back and forth. First BlogI am 21 or 22 days old here at WA! After having just completed Level 2 in WA training, I thought I'd share some thoughts here! Yes!!! I finished