What! 1 Month Old WA Baby on Boxing Day!

Last Update: Dec 26, 2018

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What! I’m one month old here! Happy Boxing Day too!

It’s exactly a month since I joined WA on Black Friday Sale-26Nov2018.

Can’t believe it! Time really flies!

Looking at my progress so far, I’ve yet to complete my OEC Level 3. Still stuck at writing another new article and frankly speaking I ‘hate’ to write. Ha. Still remember what Kyle has taught in the lesson that I have to embrace and love it even though I do not like it. This is part and parcel of life. A lot of things we do not like but we have to accept it. We have always heard of the phrase :

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.”

I must cultivate a new good habit and tell myself it is ok to share with people on what I know. I am still adjusting.

Notice that my ranking number has been dropping drastically when I first joined. I could not recall the exact figure but it was somewhere around 230K or 250K. Anyway, right now it is hanging somewhere at 8.4K-8.5K. Realized that I’ve not been busy and hardworking enough due to my personal commitment. Ultimately, ranking is not crucial but it serves as a target to work harder to achieve greater success by building a good foundation. In the end, the brand that we are going to build is to provide value to people.

I have yet to learn on how to insert an affiliate link to my article. Therefore, I must quickly buck up on my training so that I can start to learn on how to make money online! I admire people who have already made it. Me too!

I also admire our fellow successful WA entrepreneurs achieving great success. This is also my dream and last chance to become successful because I had missed out a lot of opportunities.

To wrap up, I still have a long way to go and a lot more to learn from everybody!

Everybody is our teacher.

Thank you for taking up your time to read my ‘1 month old‘ blog!

Wishing all, Happy New Year! Best of luck and achieve great success at WA! Take care!

Terand :o)

Recent Comments


Youdoung great Terand.

Keep moving forward.


Thank you, Maxine! :o)

You're most welcome Terand.




It's a marathon not a sprint. I still hate writing but learning to love and I'm on month 2 lol.

Lol, Jason. Let’s learn to get used to it :o)

Nice progress...WA is a great supportive community as you will continue to discover.

Thank you, Debbie! Yes, you people are awesome! :o)

As you go along you will find that it gets easier with time. Remember your training will help you to overcome obstacles but the members in the community will be more than willing to help you as well.

Thank you for your advice, Jerry :o)

Congratulations on being one month old! I am about the same, and we are at similar points. Go back to the training about inserting a link; it is straight forward, although the ones I have added are not opening up in Amazon. Any help would be appreciated.
Have a great day!

So we join about the same time, Tom. Ha. Yes, will have to wait till I get to that step :o)

Everyone can perform wonders here.

Yes, Chong! 👍😀

you're going great keep up the work and be active in WA and your number goes up.

Enjoy the holiday season

Thank you for your advice, Tommy. Happy new year to you! :o)

We're on the same page Terand, struggling to create another posts, still yet to complete OEC level3, bogged down by personal commitments, no income yet.

I've honestly starting to loose the fire somehow. But reading the inspirational blogs by Jennifer & Grace this past week keeps me working on my website.

Lets just keep on pushing up & forward!
Cheers to a successful 2019!


Lol. We are Human, nobody is perfect.
We are here to learn and grow by helping each other too.
Fortunate that we have many teachers around here at WA.
Yes, all the best to your success, Jhie!
Cheers! :o)

good points and congrats on your progress...

one thing about ranking, some people get super caught up in raising their ranking and don't actually do what they need to do to generate wealth as an affiliate.

In other words, they aren't building the right foundation.

I'm not sure that the rankings are a good benchmark of anything since we don't know how the algorithm is set up specifically. We don't know the rubric so the ranking could actually provide misinformation. I'm really careful about it, even though it's fun to see my ranking go up.

cheers marc

You are right man, Marc! We have to be alert what is our purpose and not to lose our direction. Thank you for your advice, wishing you great success! :o)

Thanks for sharing, Terand.

Thank you, Roger! :o)

You're welcome, Terand.


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