Posted my 2nd article and indexed by Google again in a short time!

Last Update: Dec 13, 2018


In fact, I’ve got my second article posted and indexed by Google again! I am on holiday and could not write this on time because I was catching the noon flight. The index was quite fast too. I think it is around two days. Although the training mentioned about 7 days if I did not remember wrongly. The point I’m trying to drive at, the training is superb! It may not be certain number of days but it defends on your content and Google keywords too. The training teaches us on how to utilise 5 Low hanging fruits keywords and I just simply follow. Bingo!

Ok, I better stop and go to bathe as it is already 1243am. I can hear my friend snoring. Lol. Apologies, if I did not get back to you for the moment. Need to meet my z monster. Lol :o)

Thank you & take care!

All success!


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I take my hat off to you.....You've got this thing down! I'm so excited for you!
Keep writing!

Here's to success!


Thank you for your compliment and advice, Cora! Just a little bit of my sharing 😊😄

Enjoy your holiday!


Thank you, Cora! K, Gina get back to my dreams again. Lol


Have a great time!!

Thank you, Shaunna! Having a great time too! Woke up in the middle of the night to thank you folks too. Ha 😬😄

Thank you for sharing

My pleasure, Mary! :o)

Keep up the great work!

Thank you for your compliment, Nikoletl! :o)

Congrats, great to hear.


Thank you, Wayne! :o)

Congratulations Terand

Thank you, Michael! :o)


Thank you, Regina! :o)

Excellent work! Now, enjoy your holidays.
C & P

Thank you, Colette and Philip! :o)

Congrats and enjoy your holiday. Re-charge those batteries and hold onto your hat!

Gonna be a great 2019 for Terand!


Thank you, Mark! Sure! Holiday! Best wishes to your success too, :o)

Well done! Kudos for taking action, was this an article on your own site? I do believe hard work pays off when you have the right set of keys!

Thank you, Ann! :o)

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