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Last Update: November 27, 2015

Does Any one else has issue logging to his webmail? At first during the level two

tutorials when I just finished the email creation topic, I created some two emails for my

website http://worldcareforbabies.com as info@worldcareforbabies.com and

j.tenywa@worldcareforbabies.com then admin@worldcareforbabies.com and is

forwarding to joshua.joshwa@gmail.com but non is working now yet the first time I

logged in it was successful for all accounts but now I can`t access because every time I

try with any email I see the message "Server responded: -ERR Connection to IMAP server failed" as in this screenshot

Please if anything wrong advise because I had already given this email to my friends for publicity and I expect some messages already.

Also requesting for your comments on this post i have created immediately i started the tutorial for level three a bout products




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2Al Premium
You got good responses from the members to your question.
TGrisaft Premium
Your Website looks very good and thorough and I can tell you spent a great deal of time on it. I saw a small typo error on Vital Signs page but otherwise looks great.
tensjoshwa Premium
thanks and I think i have rectified the error
AussieJeff Premium
Had a look at your websites and they look fine. Your email problem is probably a server error at their end.
tensjoshwa Premium
it might be true for the server error,
thanks for your feedback
Sheila50 Premium
I had the same issue, so I forwarded both of my emails to my Gmail account once I finally got into the webmail. I tried to copy and paste, and it didn't work so I believe I got out and went back in again, and it finally worked
If not you may have to put a support ticket in for assistance.
WBurton Premium
try copying and pasting your password then select the correct username from drop down, hope that helps, it happens to me sometimes too William :)
tensjoshwa Premium
Sorry william I have done everything in your advise even before I had to seek for help. thanks for the feedback but may any other solution will be of much help.