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Last Update: January 20, 2017

Napoleon Hill is one of those writers that I have found makes more sense the more often I read his works. But, like many people, he owes his success to another .... Andrew Carnegie, the Scottish philanthropist (1835 - 1919) who moved to America, became an industrialist and, it is widely agreed, the world's richest man, told Napoleon Hill the story of two envelopes - one called Riches and the other named Penalties - which we will get depending on whether or not we take possession (control) of our own mind.

Andrew Carnegie

In the envelope labeled Riches, Andrew Carnegie said there was this list of blessings:
1. Sound health
2. Peace of mind
3. A labor of love of your own choice
4. Freedom from fear and worry
5. A positive mental attitude
6. Material riches of your own choice and quantity

That sounds fantastic, doesn't it? I love the fact that Material riches are of our "own choice and quantity". Money is not the "most" important things to me and I would love all of the things in this list so I am taking control of my own mind. I decided what I think and how I respond to things.

Mr Carnegie told Napoleon Hill that the second envelope contained the list of the penalties one must pay for neglecting to take possession of one’s own mind:

1. Ill health
2. Fear and worry
3. Indecision and doubt
4. Frustration and discouragement through-out life
5. Poverty and want
6. And a whole flock of evils consisting of envy, greed, jealousy, anger, hatred and superstition

I do not want any of these things .... so I am taking control of my thoughts. My mind is no longer going to think the worst and make me feel a victim of circumstance. I am going to be a Hero in my own life. I am going to be opening the envelope entitled "Riches".

Napoleon Hill (1883 - 1970) went on to undertake a task which Andrew Carnegie set him. This task was to interview highly successful people and to work out what it is that they do that makes them successful. I am currently rereading his text - "Think and Grow Rich" - which is a bit of a tricky read as it was written in the 30's. (The YouTube video is much easier to follow and can be listen to while cooking the tea or doing the hoovering).

Napoleon Hill

Another work of his that I feel is worth reading today and which is highly relevant to us here are WA is "Keys to Success: 17 Steps to Riches". The steps which Napoleon Hill outlined in this work are as follows:

1. Develop a Definiteness of Purpose
2. Establish a Mastermind Alliance
3. Assemble an Attractive Personality
4. Use Applied Faith
5. Go the Extra Mile
6. Create Personal Initiative
7. Build a Positive Mental Attitude
8. Control Your Enthusiasm
9. Enforce Self-Discipline
10. Think Accurately
11. Control Your Attention
12. Inspire Teamwork
13. Learn from Adversity and Defeat
14. Cultivate Creative Vision
15. Maintain Sound Health
16. Budget Your Time and Money
17. Use Cosmic Habitforce

This is the kind of roadmap to success which I intend to follow and I would like to invite you to join me in this journey.

So, Step 1 : My Definiteness of Purpose - to find financial success on the internet...

Step 2: Establish a Mastermind Alliance - I have found WA (likeminded people who will support my journey). You wonderful people are my Mastermind Alliance and together, cooperatively, we will help each other succeed. Napoleon Hill said that this is the time of the Go Giver ... this is a very giving community. We pay it forward and we help each other to succeed...

Step 3: Assemble an Attractive Personality .... oh dear, I will definitely need to work on that one ...

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PatLemy Premium
I loved it it. Thank you for sharing !

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I think I need to read the book again. Thank you for sharing.
Techiescot Premium

I take more and more rom the book each time I read it. It must be that as experiences change us, our perception changes and thus we seek different answers to different questions. Maybe ...

Warmest wishes

Jeroldmm Premium
Thank u
MKearns Premium
Terrific masterful goals
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Ndstad81 Premium
I don't have step 3 either, but that's why I love writing on the internet. My mind is so much more attractive than my physical personality.
Techiescot Premium
Maybe we can find some training here in WA ....