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Last Update: May 05, 2018

A few weeks ago just after I got Premium membership I had a question if WA has the feature to protect our websites from malwares and viruses.

It seems that some people confuse it as website privacy.

Here's what I found.


This is used to hide our identity when we buy domain names for our websites. To check Carson's post, just go here.

Before, I bought domain without having a privacy, I was really worried because I received a lot of emails from people I didn't know. They have offers I'm not asking. So I realized that having a privacy is really important because there are people trying to phish information from the internet.

In addition, this is what it does:


SiteSSL is another feature essential for a website. This is why sites hosted in WA has "https://" at the beginning. We are lucky because this is included FREE on our Premium membership. In other hosting service, they charge this at different rates.

SSL is an acronym for Secure Socket Layer. It is use to encrypt information sent through from people's computer/browser to our website servers, vice versa. It's encrypted so that hackers cannot identify the data being transmitted.

Last, but not the least.


This the one I was concerned about. I couldn't remember if this was another feature we have in WA because I never had to enable this feature. Perhaps, that is the reason that many of us are not aware that WA has this.

I think this is the most important part for our website so it will not be destroyed by any one who might want to hi-jack our websites and make us pay for ransom to take it back or keep ourselves from worry of recovering our websites through the backups.

I hope this helps you!

By the way, I'm not an expert on this, I just thought of writing this for everybody's information. Please correct me if I'm wrong by writing a comment below.

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rolland Premium
Great information for the new members here at WA
TechieFinch Premium
Thanks!! :)
Steven-A Premium
Yes, the technology platform is worth more than the monthly fee we pay to WA then add in the training and community and the value is off the scale.
TechieFinch Premium
So much than what we are paying. :)
MeganW Premium
This is why I love WA. We get hosting, training, security, privacy, domains, tech support, a community - well worth the small amount we pay!
TechieFinch Premium
I couldn't agree more! :)
Larmu189 Premium
Great post. Thanks for share
Writeraymond Premium
That is why I like this platform. With all these features that are offered here. It seems like someone is working 24 hours to keep our sites protected that is why I trust wealthy Affiliate.
Thank you for this amazing content.
TechieFinch Premium
It's a pleasure that you found value to this. :)