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This is very frustrating to handle!I never expected this is going to happen believing that Wealthy Affilaite servers are secured.I learned about this issue a day ago when a Facebook friend chatted me after he learned that I'm an affiliate here at WA.To make the story short, I wanted to send him the link of my WA review so I didn't have to explain to him via chat. Unfortunately, when I tried to visit my site to copy the URL, a black screen appeared with a moving white arrow and a button, with a
Before I get started.. Let me share this to you. I really love how easy for us to find FREE images that we can instantly grab without worrying about copy right issues here in WA. Look at that baby, and how adorable he is.. :)Now, let me ask you this question again, are you still looking for the right "niche"? Until this very day, I'm confused of what niche to begin and create a website with.I'm also very excited to start as an affiliate with Amazon and start earning. But the thing is, it won't
A few weeks ago just after I got Premium membership I had a question if WA has the feature to protect our websites from malwares and viruses.It seems that some people confuse it as website privacy.Here's what I found.SiteProtectThis is used to hide our identity when we buy domain names for our websites. To check Carson's post, just go here.Before, I bought domain without having a privacy, I was really worried because I received a lot of emails from people I didn't know. They have offers I'm not
I'll be posting my first ever and honest review of Wealthy Affiliate on my website soon.It took me more sleepless nights to finish it. I could only do it after work because I still have 8 am to 5 pm day job.Somehow, it's tiring. I feel it as a sacrifice, but I know it's for my families future anyway. And, I hope to get out of the rat race sooner. I'd rather take the challenge today than be miserable and live a mediocre life until my last breath.I'm wondering why even new members coming into Wea
Hi guys!I discovered something brilliant.Sometimes, you see the value of something when you read it more than once. The path to your destination becomes less difficult to access if you go back and forth like a small path you create in a grassland.I compared the affiliate link I got from a WA blog and the affiliate link I see on program details has the same alpha-numeric numbers.By sharing our fellow WA's blog on Facebook, it appears that anyone can read the first few paragraphs but when they sc