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Last Update: April 16, 2018

Hi guys!

I discovered something brilliant.

Sometimes, you see the value of something when you read it more than once.

The path to your destination becomes less difficult to access if you go back and forth like a small path you create in a grassland.

I compared the affiliate link I got from a WA blog

and the affiliate link I see on program details

has the same alpha-numeric numbers.

By sharing our fellow WA's blog on Facebook, it appears that anyone can read the first few paragraphs but when they scroll down, the optin box appears to let them sign up to continue reading.

If someone who is really interested of the topic you shared, you don't even have to force or convince him to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate. They will do it on their own.

Isn't it just amazing????

I was ecstatic to find it out just today.

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LTMLifestyle Premium
Great post, thanks for sharing
TechieFinch Premium
I’m just happy to share. And I appreciate you for leaving a comment.

I hope you are having fun while learning!
Larmu189 Premium
You right. Thanks for share
TechieFinch Premium
Did you know it already before?

I was very ecstatic upon know it just today because I love reading blogs from our team members especially from the real writers. haha...
Loes Premium
Correct:) They will go to you!
TechieFinch Premium
Thanks Loe! I modified my blog post.