A step forward on my website!

Last Update: June 29, 2016

I am so excited that I got to post someone else's art on my website! That was a great feeling. I so much want to promote others on that page. I don't know if my niche will be a money maker, or how I can turn it into one without harming it's real purpose, but it is certainly a step forward in the success of the website! Thank you for sending them to me Beth!

We would both love it if you would go visit the post and comment on Beth's beautiful flowers. You can let me know how I did in presenting them too :)

Thank you, Tina


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MPollock Premium
Nice, hope you make a lt of sales and get more affiliates.
Gmyogi Premium
Its so nice to see someone so excited...So glad its taking off.
If you love it it will grow.....
Good Luck!
LisaFranks Premium
Tried to leave a comment but was blocked. Are you using Spamshield? If you are, go to your dashboard, click settings, click spamshield and when the new window opens check this box "Allow users behind proxy servers to comment?" Spamshield recommends that you keep it checked but in most cases it is already unchecked. It has worked for others here. I just fixed mine last night but haven't yet had any comments to see if the problem is gone.
TDeYoung Premium
Thanks so much Lisa. I went to my site and made the correction. I certainly don't want to block good visitors!
LisaFranks Premium
You're very welcome :)
Ultimateless Premium
I have learned something new here, thanks Lisa!
Ivine Premium
Hi, your site looks good and the content is interesting. Irv.
bigrog44 Premium
I like your website.