How Badly Do You Want Financial Freedom?

Last Update: Dec 5, 2016


I love this quote 'Whether You Think You Can Or think You Can't, You're Right.' by Henry Ford. It's all up to you. It's in the mindset.

'You are the Key to Your Success or Failure.'

No one else can do it for you.

I've been thinking about a few quotes recently as I read other people's blogs and get my creative juices flowing learning from the training.

'You are the Key to Your Success or Failure'. Ever since I made a commitment to go yearly, just a few days ago the whole game changed for me.

Even though I knew within the 1st month I'd probably go yearly at some time because Wealthy Affiliate is such an amazing platform to work on. Not only do you get to learn a ton of new information and develop new skills, have the opportunity to start a new online business but you also have the wonderful support of 'like-minded' people who are ready to support you and cheer you on. That doesn't really happen in the real world.

The Black Friday Sale helped me change my inner game, I had now made that yearly commitment sooner. All I have to do is focus on building my website and learning everything about my niche.

How Badly Do You Want Financial Freedom? I Want Financial Freedom Really Badly!

Wealthy Affiliate for me is a Game Changer!

I know if I really want to achieve the level of financial freedom to live life on my terms, to earn a great monthly income and then grow that income bigger, to be able to leave the day job, the 9 to 5 grind then I'm going to have to make a commitment to myself to work harder than ever before, be dedicated and take the time to work everyday on something about my business.

I have that made that commitment to work every day on my business and hold a full-time job.

So if you really really want financial freedom you are going to have to change the inner game. change the mindset. Push through those barriers whether it's procrastination, fear, poor time management, difficulty in learning new information, just not taking action or lack of commitment. Or whatever is holding you back, it's time to shake it off.

You can do this!

With dedication, time and effort you can make it happen!

Your Success is all up to you!

'Whether You Think You Can Or think You Can't, You're Right.'

All the best. Feel free to comment.

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Thank you for the share.

I would like to point out once again, that our WA post continue to reach page one and number one position.

Wow! That's amazing! Whoop! Whoop! Thanks for the share Shane.

Great post!

So true!! Thanks for the post!

Wow, is inspiring to me! I feel your sentiments exactly. The Black Friday sale is what turned the key in the notch for me, too! Interesting how a relatively few dollars could make so much difference! And, without WA, working on my online business after working all day would be and HAS BEEN so much more difficult before I joined. Realize how much support WA offers and the lightening of your online world load, to have "mom and dad" supporting you as you make your way online. Both the members, ambassadors, kyle & carl, and all the resources are kind of like a family, here to support us as we move online. Whew, now all I have to do is bust my b... to make a profitable website!

That's right! Get that profitable business cranking! Thanks for stopping by. Most appreciated.

Awesome post, Tasna we have to chase it with everything we have got in the tank and when we run out of gas get out and push the car to our destination.

That's right Alexander. Keep on keeping on! :)

True and practical. The mindset is a big factor in gettings things done or not done

Isn't it. All in the mindset. Thanks for commenting.

The reason that saying is so amazing is because "It is the thinking that makes it so" Thanks for sharing Tasna :)

Thanks Linda. Most appreciated.

I will never give in, but what will be, will be :)

It's all up to you! ;)

Indeed it is ;-)

Think and grow rich not only money but also wisdom.
Very motivating post.

Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it.

No one owes me a living. No one dictates my hours or my return
Your post offers solutions. With action, nothing can stop me.
I hope to read more from you

Thanks Larry. Most appreciated.

Wonderful post!

Thanks Alan

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