10 Things That Successful People Do Differently

Last Update: Dec 4, 2016


Success really comes down to a mindset. Being a winner doesn't mean you won't fail but you'll never quit.

What do successful people do differently from the rest?

Top 10 things successful people do differently.

  1. Commitment. Successful people commit to their goals until they achieve them, even if they have to tweak that goal on the way to success. Successful people write their goals down, and then take action. If you have a big goal to achieve, break it down in to baby steps that are achievable. Successful people give 100% commitment.
  2. Persistence. Successful people know that obstacles may happen on the way to success but, persistence will get them through that obstacle. It's not going to be easy but they will persist no matter what the obstacles are.
  3. Responsibility. Successful people are responsible for their own destination of success. They don't complain, or make excuses or blame others for their failures. They will push forward knowing that they are the key to their success or failure.
  4. Work Hard. Successful people work hard. The road to success is paved with hard work. If you want that success you desire you are going to need to put in that extra effort and time. Successful people aren't lazy, they work hard to be successful.
  5. Mentors. Successful people find mentors and then figure out how did they get to be successful and what do they need to do to be successful like them. They emulate successful people that they admire. If they don't personally know successful people with the kind of success they want, then read about them.
  6. Self-belief. Successful people believe in themselves. They are confident and never give up. 95% of success is showing up.
  7. Health and Fitness. Successful people tend to look after themselves. They know they need that extra energy to stay in optimal condition. Fitness is a great way to clear the mind and release any stresses of the day. Successful people know they need to eat, sleep and exercise.
  8. Time out. Successful people know that they need to rest, recharge and take time out. By resting they recharge instead of burning out.Take some time out, have the weekend off working. Spend quality time with friends and family.
  9. Learning. Successful people continually learn. They know they will never stop learning. They immerse themselves in their interests and become an authority in that area of expertise.
  10. Make Mistakes. Successful people make mistakes and learn from them. They don't let failures get in the way. They look at mistakes and failures as an opportunity to learn. Successful people take risks and are not afraid of failure.

Successful people never quit! A successful mindset will help your online business thrive.

What do you do differently to have a successful mindset? Would love some feedback.

Recent Comments


Some sound advice Tasna well worth observing and learning from.

Thanks Evan. Onwards and upwards! ;)

I love this. Thanks for posting.

Thanks. It's a good reminder to keep going! ;)

It sure is. :)

Hi Tasna,
Thank you for taking down all those great qualities.

You're welcome Lisa. I hope you find it helpful.

Yes, Never quit.Thank you for this awesome post.

You're welcome. Yes. Never quit.

Great share and true, thanks,

Thanks for commenting.

Thanks. I do most of those things. I am particularly good at making mistakes.

Ha! We all make mistakes. I think the key is to learn from them and see them as an opportunity to do something better. Thanks for commenting.

Thanks Tasna, I too have printed off you post and it going up on the wall. I'm a bit bogged down at mo and need to lift up.

That's awesome! Sometimes the mind just needs a little tweaking ;)

I put a copy of this up on my wall, even though I've seen it so many times before. When you quit tryin', what's left?

Thanks for commenting. I think you quit when it all gets too hard or you get bored! ;) Then it's time to take a break and refresh.

I like your perspective better! It's so much less dismal than what I said. Ok! I'm switchin over right now. Thanks Tasna!

That's great. Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for sharing, Tasna.

Thanks. You're welcome.

Excellent and encouraging post. Thanks for sharing

You're welcome.

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