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How can i see which affiliate has generated me credit?

How can i see which affiliate has generated me credit?

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I have 7 affiliates, and 4 of them have completed their profiles. But i have received ONLY 1 credit from one affiliate.
How can i check which affilate has generated me $1 cre

was this resolved? I have the same issue as Tarbiyan...

Yes...follow the Discussion Thread.

Got the same issue - looking for answers?

Did you find your answer?
I read through this log and you should be able to find your answer.


Hello! Click on the airplane in the top, right corner.
Now, click on MY REFERRALS!
Congrats and keep on trucking! You truly see the benefits of WA!

Thank you for answer. But it was not the answer of my question.
How can i chech which ONE from my 4 affiliates has generated $1 credit?

That is the answer...1 person's name = 1 CREDIT.
You can search through MY STATS as well.

I hope you were able to verify your information.

Sorry, but i could not understand your answer ;)
I have 4 affiliates, who have already completed their profiles. It means that i should receive $4. BUt i received $1, and i do NOT know how to see which one has generated $1?

If you received the one dollar, it is the one name showing. Remember...1 equals 1.
Make sense?
Three more need to finish the process.

Hello Diedre,
Thank you so much for trying to help me. But, believe me, they have already finished the process. They are 4 affiliates:
1) A
2) B
3) C
4) D

Now how can i know which of them has generated the credit, when there is NO written in any place, that, fo example, A or C has generated the $1 credit.

I can't understand that principle. Thanks in advance.

When you click on your My Referrals, the ONE NAME is the one credit!

I will PM you...

These are my referrals page. How can i see?
See the attached file, please

Maybe it's me...
The ONE PERSON'S NAME is there.
Let me see if someone is around to help...

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