Is it safe to use syndication?

Last Update: July 16, 2014

I read an interesting post “Is article marketing dead?” at the Charlie Page ( this morning. One of the ideas Charlie talked about was syndication. Syndication means having your article appear on many sites.

He says that many worry about Google’s duplicate content penalty too much. There are many famous journalists publish their article on many websites.

Charlie says: “Look for places to syndicate your content. When you find them submit your best content and watch as they help you find new and larger audiences than you ever dreamed of before.”

Has anybody use syndicate websites to publish your posts from your website. If yes, did it help to bring more traffic to your website? Besides, was it any problem with Google? What is the best way to do it?

Thank you very much for your help in advance,


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Shawn Martin Premium
Great question, will be lurking :)
Browjack5 Premium
Thanks for asking this question I will watch for other answers, best wishes.
TanyaCHA Premium
Thank you Steve for your comment. It is a good point about famous people.
steveo5770 Premium
No problem. Hopefully some others will comment on this too. If others are posting the same exact article and getting good results, I'd sure like to know about it:)
steveo5770 Premium
Famous journalists will have many readers of their blogs because they are famous. They probably don't worry too much about SEO.
This technique may send more people directly to your site but I'm not sure it's a good idea from an SEO standpoint.