Inspiring story of an imaginative photographer.

Last Update: January 17, 2014

Reading this amazing story about an imaginative photographer Joel Robison inspired me to write a new post this morning. You can read his story and see his photos here:

I truly admire his work. I wish I could use his photos in my posts.

I am pretty sure that Joel Robison was different from other kids since he was a little boy.

Luckily his talents and imagination were not suppressed by standard school programs. Worldwide children are under tremendous pressure at school. They take tests and assessments almost every week. I have seen a different approach only at private schools like Waldorf School.

My daughter’s imagination amazes me all the time. If I wrote down all her stories they could make an interesting book to read. I believe the goal for all parents should be to recognize their child’s potential and help them achieve them to their fullest.

I hope that my future successful on-line business will help me achieve my goal to send my daughter to Waldorf School.


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Wayne Wallace Premium
Wow, that's cool! That's the cool thing about photography, photoshop, blogging, video making or anything else really. The key is you have to be passionate about what you do, if you are true to yourself you can do and become anything you want. I may just borrow that and use that for a story myself. Thanks for sharing!
TanyaCHA Premium
Thank you Joe for your comment. It is my second post at WA. I was so busy writing a content for my website that I had not time for publishing anything here. But this story about an amazing photographer made me so inspired that I just set down and wrote the post this morning. Besides, I really wanted WA community to enjoy his photos.
TanyaCHA Premium
Hello Anthony for your comment.. I am so glad that you share my beliefs.
KD6PAO Premium
Great post!
MyJobKiller Premium
Great points Tanya ! Imagination is so , so , so important , it control every aspect of our lives . It's shame they don't teach it more in all schools .. Thanks for sharing ..