To Live Life And Leave A Legacy

Last Update: February 12, 2018

Life is a tapestry of happenings and being aware how events inter link adds perspective to what we experience.

When tragedy strikes it hits us in the gut, in the heart and mind.

I have been processing the tragic death of Roy and Heather Bennett, who were killed in a helicopter crash in New Mexico, far from everything they cherished.

It is a consolation that they have left a fine example of how to live life and leave a legacy.

When Life Throws A Curved Ball

The sequence of events is another tapestry woven in my life experiences.

I sat at my desk to process the tragic news, my gratitude note book was open in front of me and I wrote:-

Happy memories flooded my mind and I started to giggle - playing cricket under a Baobab tree using cream of tar tars as balls. (It is the fruit of the Baobab tree). I had wonderful memories to lift the sadness.

We are given a book a month to read. I am truly grateful to Coach Bo for the book for February, it is more a booklet, a quick read and intensely thought-provoking -

Go To The Grave On Empty by Josh Bowen.

Somehow the book was a consolation. I read it and a day later we attended Roy and Heather's memorial service.

The speeches were long, honouring this couple who led a spectacularly interesting life. The person who led the memorial service made a statement that impacted me:-

He said that Roy and Heather's life story needs to be written up in our history books for our children to learn what they did, what they stood up for and lost, how they left what was precious to them and started rebuilding another enormous project, once again incorporating the surrounding community.

Roy and Heather died on another venture together.

What an amazing, incredible legacy they have left behind.

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ContentBySue Premium
Hi Tania, I am deeply sorry for the loss of your dear friends. They were doing what they loved and their legacy will leave lasting memories for all who knew them.

I wish you comfort, peace and love.
TaniaHersel Premium
Thank you, Sue for your kind words.
arielharris7 Premium
Oh Tania, what a tribute to life and memories. As we traverse this path, so much comes our way and slowly we see the joy and purpose. I am sorry for your loss. But grateful for the imprint of their life. I wish you great ease. in peace and gratitude, ariel
TaniaHersel Premium
Thank you Ariel, yes my life was richer knowing them.
mybiz4u Premium
My condolences, Tania. No one is ever prepared for the passing of anyone ( a loved one, a pet, a not so much loved one) - expected or unexpected.
Take time to grieve...or to recall memories. It is a process and a phase that only you can put a timer on.
Be strong.
TaniaHersel Premium
Thank you for your kind words.
Edi67 Premium
Great work Tania and much blessings. Edi
JillAlexaVA Premium
Hi Tania, So sad to read about the untimely death of your friends.What a blessing they had lived such adventurous lives an leave a good legacy for the children to follow. It sounds to me that you live in Zimbabwe. I could be wrong but with you talking about baobab trees gives me that impression. They are my favourite trees. I lived in Zimbabwe as a child and loved every moment. Have a very blessed day. Kind regards Jill
TaniaHersel Premium
Yes, Jill I am here in Zimbabwe. Baobabs are fascinating trees.
Well done for embarking on an exciting adventure with Wealthy Affiliate.