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Last Update: January 10, 2018

The Wealthy Affiliate platform offers incredible opportunity. It is exciting and invigorating to have a diverse range of people leading from the front and we as followers are learning from the best.

Bopiton is a mighty man of experience and has a generous spirit, he is blazing a trail of how to get a group of people highly motivated and willing to knuckle down and follow his instruction and reap the rewards of success.

The groups first assignment was to listen to Kyle's webinar https://my.wealthyaffiliate.co... we were tasked to blog on 5 points relating to the content of the webinar.

The first meeting of the Go Getters Group was chaired by Bopiton through a webinar.

Here he pointed out that our first exercise was to show us how, as individuals we can each highlight things from one article and all give a different take. It is a vitally important concept to grasp that we each dig deep into our individuality to create and share great content with our readers.

Value Add

It is a process of adding value to our readers. Bopiton has attracted 5000 subscribers from ONE blog! With experience, he has statistics to back up his success! And if he can do it we can do it.


Duplication is an important key in being successful. Follow the leaders and learn from the best.

Structure and Consistency

Operating a business and obtaining success involves many aspects, structure and consistency are also key elements.


Creating and maintaining a powerful brand will help build confidence with your audience and is another important factor to build up in a business.



Build a List

Your email list is a vehicle to success, it is an important nugget in the business.

I learnt a new phrase, yes I am putting it out there and being vulnerable in my honesty, I have never come across this....... and I will be printing it out and sticking it in a unique place to keep remembering it.

Unique Selling Point

  • What am I doing different to everyone else?
  • Do not worry about competition
  • Speak with my own voice - be authentic

and when I thought Bopiton had blown his hat off with gems of information enough for one webinar he blasted us with yet another concept that will help every blogger in the most incredibly ingenious ways.

Remember dear readers, this is all about duplication.

A Formula To Write Content

This is a copy writing technique. Write content to add value.

  1. State what the problem is that you are addressing
  2. State the solution
  3. State what the benefits are for them
  • People want to know what it will do for them
  • Tell them what you want to do for them
  • End with a Call For Action

How Do You Market Wealthy Affiliate?

Bopiton explained an option to market Wealthy Affiliate is to highlight the vast opportunity to learn and build a business successfully and the extensive training and tools that Wealthy Affiliate offers.

It is not necessary to blog about Wealthy Affiliate as you can add a link from any of your blogs to Wealthy Affiliate which will give information to the reader.

I am indeed grateful to the trail blazers of Wealthy Affiliate, the Pay It Forward concept means that each one of us can learn and pass on our unique experiences.

Leave a comment and share your unique input with us.

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LunaVC Premium
Thanks for sharing Tania! Your post is informative and will be of great help to me.
TaniaHersel Premium
It is great to be paying things forward. Thrilled to bits it helped you.
DEversley Premium
Brilliant, Tania!

You all are doing so very well.

An email list is very important as it is what remains if Google updates to their algorithm affect SEO negatively.
Some place it as number 1 above all other methods as your list comprises faithful customers you can always sell to.

About Bo.
I knew there was something great about Bo from the way he would brilliantly engineer his (anticipated) posts. So much value there.

All the best and much success!
TaniaHersel Premium
Thank you David. Bo is exceptional. This opportunity has such huge value to it.
CraigW315 Premium
Nice review of the webinar. It is clear that Bo got everyone pumped yesterday. I look forward to seeing where that energy will take us.
TaniaHersel Premium
It is incredible. He is a brilliant mentor.
Dhind1 Premium
Nice summaryTania. Good luck and go with Bo.
TaniaHersel Premium
Thank you. It is great to be mentored by him.
AnnieCollyer Premium
Good post, Tania. I like how you broke it down into nuggets. Focus Determines Outlook- and Outcomes! Loving it!
TaniaHersel Premium
Thank you for your encouragement. Sincerely appreciate it.