Ideas On Running A Successful Business

Last Update: January 15, 2018

After contemplating about what I have learned since starting my online business I would like to share with you some of my ideas on running a successful business.

Time is a valuable commodity and setting goals, having a schedule and working on issues that can save time are all worthwhile ventures. Having a solid structure can also save time and stress because if you have things in order it stream lines the operation of your business.

Plan Do Review

It is imperative to set goals, targets, strategies, and writing out a mission statement will give clarity.

Being specific and having a time line will help the daily operations of the business. Diarise the schedule.

The action part can then begin. It is important to stick to the schedule as much as possible. Make a space at the end of the day to complete anything that has not been done.

Regularly do a review of the business and your performance.

I have done a review on myself and set tasks to improve two major habits that are hindering my success.

The first one is that I wing it and have not focused enough on planning and having a strategy.

My second bad habit is toxic and debilitating, it is the evil monster of procrastination. The skunk has got to go!

Adopt A Global Mentality

My online business is not a competition. There are over 3 billion people who use the internet. The challenge is to find an audience who share a common interest with me and I can provide interesting useful information which will bring value into their lives.

Do not take criticism personally, if you are out there doing something it opens up for people to possible be offensive. Bat it off and always keep a positive mindset.

Always Keep a Note Book And Pen At Hand

Keep making notes on interesting items, ideas or things you need to remember.

I keep several note books and all have different titles:-

  • Goals, plans and strategies
  • Strategic information - i.e. rules I need to remember, tips from other blogs
  • Scribble pad - ideas, jot down on feedback and comments, notes on webinars I listen to

The art of hand writing needs to be kept alive. It is good brain activity and helps to remember things. I find it useful to be able to flip through my note books to find information.

Take Time Out

It is very important to schedule time out through your working hours.

Make meal times an occasion to relax and enjoy the food and beverages.

Take frequent walks and stretch your limbs.

I have just read an article that says watching birds is healthy for the mind.

Being home based I have moved my desk by a window looking out onto the garden where we have at least 10 bird baths. It is a delight to watch the visitors frolicking in the water and being busy in the garden.

Work is one of our most important activities and one we probably spend more time doing apart from sleeping.

Developing ways to make our businesses successful is rewarding and we can reap the benefits in the years ahead.

Share an idea with me about how you can make your business successful.

I look forward to reading your idea.

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dhartert Premium
Good post. I have 1 notepad for quick notes, but anything I want to save long term, I transfer to the computer. That helps keep me better organized.
TaniaHersel Premium
Thanks for reading. Part of the process is finding individual systems that work for us.
LisaY Premium

I enjoyed your post. I had to laugh when I read to always have a notebook and pen on hand. I have notebook and it has so much valuable information in it. It is a mainstay for my online business.

TaniaHersel Premium
Great Lisa, it is vital. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.
JMankanda Premium
Fantastic post.

My idea as a contribution to you is : Make sure you do your best work in whatever you do.It is very satisfying to see the quality in someone's work judging by the service and products on offer
TaniaHersel Premium
Thank you for reading it. Great idea and I agree.
TaniaHersel Premium
Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. Itmis a great way to keep track of things.
CraigO1 Premium
Nice post Tania and great tips. Looking at my desk right now I have three notebooks each containing notes on different subjects. haha