Get On Board With Interactive Content Marketing!

Last Update: February 19, 2016

A few days ago Ruth (RuthChicago) shared a very interesting infographic about upcoming SEO trends for 2016.

In case you haven’t seen it, make sure to check it out here:

One thing that caught my eye in the infographic was this:

“In line with video is interactive content, which is projected to make huge waves in the coming year, overtaking the usual text and image content sites we’re more familiar with. (emphasis mine)

Then it continues…

“Online quizzes, interactive infographics, polls and other interactive content generates more interaction and engagement from users.”

Hmmm, I'm starting to think that it’s probably a good idea to make our websites more interactive so that we don’t get left in the dust!


For starters, how about adding online polls to some of our blog posts? Polarb is perfect for this and it's free:

Interactive Infographics

Now, unless you know HTML5 or Flash, you'll have a hard time creating interactive infographics yourself. And I imagine it's probably too expensive to outsource. But one tool I found may be worth trying called Genialy:

Piktochart is another free option that may be worth a shot even though it only offers minimal interactive features:

At the very least, you could create static infographics with Piktochart and use it to highlight the main points of your posts. Like this for example:

This would be a good way to get more Pinterest pins! You could even upload an infographic like this to Slideshare to generate more traffic!

Anyway, some food for thought. I'm going to try these tactics myself and see how it goes, how about you?

- Stephan

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Newme202 Premium
Thank you for your input. Just started reading about how to make my website more interactive
Thank you for sharing
KatieMac Premium
Great resources I was also reading somewhere last week about being more interactive I do have pinterest so worth trying out thank you
SZev Premium
Hi Katie, thanks for your comment! Hope you get more traffic via Pinterest this way.
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Hi Stephan, this is an excellent post great resources. Thank you for sharing.
SZev Premium
Thanks Alexander!
JudeP Premium
Thanks for sharing :)
SZev Premium
Sure thing, thanks Jude!