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For anyone who's ever moved a website to a new domain, the process is pretty easy when your website's still new and you've barely touched it. But if you've already done any amount of work to your website, you might be in for a surprise! What do I mean?Well, a few months ago, I set up my health/finance-related website but I was never happy with the domain I originally chose and so I decided to transfer it to a new domain through WA (which was very straight-forward). That's all it took, right? No
A question I often see popping up in WA is whether to start a niche site or follow Affiliate Bootcamp to promote WA. Sure, you could go either route but here’s the thing – they don’t necessarily have to be mutually exclusive!To see what I mean, first make sure you read Kyle’s training about targeting different demographic markets to promote WA:, let’s take one demographic group as an
A few days ago Ruth (RuthChicago) shared a very interesting infographic about upcoming SEO trends for 2016.In case you haven’t seen it, make sure to check it out here: thing that caught my eye in the infographic was this:“In line with video is interactive content, which is projected to make huge waves in the coming year, overtaking the usual text and image content sites we’re more familia
We know that adding internal links to our blog posts is important for SEO. But if you’re just getting started, you probably don’t have many blog posts to link to yet. That’s okay — the important thing to remember is to return to those posts later on to add internal links. But there’s a problem…Say you want to create an internal link from one of your old posts to your new post about "urban beekeeping." Sounds easy, right? But which of your old posts did you e
In a previous post of mine, I railed against shoddy-looking websites that hark back to the late 1990’s: website that’s a total eye sore will face a tough road ahead no matter how good the content is. And unfortunately, this applies to too many WA websites : (A couple of days ago, I saw a link to a hilarious post which relates to what I’m talking about: sure to also read some of the comments as they
Did you know that your About page is one of, if not THE most important page on your website? Take a look at your Google Analytics account and see how many people visit it — you may be surprised.Despite its importance, my impression is that we see the About page more as an afterthought than something to work on to get right.I'm currently writing my own About page and thought I'd pass on 11 tips to help you stand out from the crowd.Make sure to include an About page – You can't expect
Let's face it – researching, writing, posting, and interacting on our sites is time-consuming. That's why I love productivity tools that save me time even if it doesn't seem like much. If a few tools can save you just 20 minutes per day, it really adds up after awhile! Here are a few tools I regularly use which may be of help...TO-DO LIST TOOLTodoistThis is a great "to-do list" tool to write, arrange, and check off tasks. It also allows you to add notes to each task.When I first went thr
January 15, 2016
I remember when I built my first website many years ago, what a great feeling that was! Just to actually have something online was terrific. At the time, I didn't even really care how it looked – I was just happy to have something live on the internet.I imagine they're many WA members experiencing the same enthusiasm.Now, it's all well and good if you're just throwing up a blog for yourself but when you expect to make money from it, that's another story.I've seen a lot of WA websites that
Choosing a niche can be paralyzing to the point where it stops you from taking action."What if my niche is the wrong one?""What if my niche is too competitive?"If this describes you, then these few tips may help…1. Identify Your CommunityImagine yourself in a room full of like-minded people where everyone talks about a common interest or passion (think What topic would that be for you? What kind of people do you envision in the room with you?The Comment section of your blog
Hey everyone!For my first blog post, I'd like to wish you all a very happy, healthy and SUCCESSFUL new year for 2016!I signed up as a premium member this past Black Friday and spent the last weeks going through the core training, several members' training, and generally getting accustomed to everything.Now with the start of 2016, I'm finally ready to put what I've learned into action.I love Wealthy Affiliate and feel good about promoting it to others looking to make an online income. But instea