Better Than I Thought!

Last Update: December 11, 2013

I was on target and going strong when I had to leave for a little over a week to visit my son over Thanksgiving. Don't get me wrong I live in Michigan and he lives in LA and I love seeing him and his wife AND the sun! But I was on a roll . I joined in Oct and was slowly but surely building my website every day. For me it is a big deal because I kept amazing myself by actually understanding what I was doing, following every lesson step by step. Just before I left I added an affiliate to my site as per instructions in my certification course to monetize, then off I went.

Well I got back from sunny CA to a VERY COLD and cloudy MI - andI just couldn't get my mojo back. I was struggling through the authorship on google plus when I left for Ca and wasn't sure I had done it correctly. I decided to worry about it when I got back. I was tweaking my website and looking through WA sites but couldn't motivate myself to write more content. That is until I started googling my pages and found out that they were ranking well. My picture showed up and everything! Hooray!

Then I decided to check in on my affiliate situation and found out I made four sales!! Ok nothing huge but still I'm excited! Again - Better than I thought!

Suddenly my mojo is returning and after getting my juices flowing by writing this blog, I'm going to dive back in and write more content. Nothing like a little success to regain some enthusiam.

I did learn a lot by poking around and reading insights on WA but I always knew I needed to keep the momentum going by balancing the learning side of things with more content. With Christmas around the corner I am on guard not to let it sidetrack me like Thanksgiving did. I'm sure everyone has trouble staying on track - for me it seems like it's too easy to get distracted but I am not giving up.

All I can say is if a novice like me can stumble along and get ranked and make a sale ANYONE can! Just had to share this with people who understand. Good Luck Everyone!

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hart48 Premium
Very nice post. Thanks for sharing and keep focused. Merry Christmas!
tinamarie Premium
Loved your post. Thanks so much for sharing very encouraging.Tina
HappyDots Premium
Hi Sylvia, congrats! Wow, 4 sales, that's great! I believe many more will be coming. :)

For me, I also get easily sidetracked and distracted by other things. And with an active toddler, it's a challenge to find time to work online. But I'll keep going, even if at a slower pace.

More success and best wishes to you too!
DoubleTap Premium
Good Job Sylvia... sounds like you're definitely on the right track here!
Damien Lane Premium
Nice sales & ranking results.

Yeah, my current dilemma you nailed here. Prioritizing -> building/content v learning/researching.

Sometimes I'm glad I spend the time on the learning because I immediately know how to put something into play properly the first go (or at least close to).

Other times I realize I've researched for so long analysis paralysis has set in. In which case action is required, whether I'm comfortable with what I'm actioning/writing/building or not.

A balancing act for sure. Cheers, nice positive post