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December 11, 2013
I was on target and going strong when I had to leave for a little over a week to visit my son over Thanksgiving. Don't get me wrong I live in Michigan and he lives in LA and I love seeing him and his wife AND the sun! But I was on a roll . I joined in Oct and was slowly but surely building my website every day. For me it is a big deal because I kept amazing myself by actually understanding what I was doing, following every lesson step by step. Just before I left I added an affiliate to
November 11, 2013
Hi! I am pretty happy about my progress so far. I am a novice and never dreamed I could create a website. I was pretty nervous about adding images and was surprised that I caught on so quickly. I guess I owe that to the great guidance I receive here at wealthy affiliate. Time is racing by and I am hoping to get some traffic soon enough to make some income (even a little bit) before Christmas. I am putting in time every day and hope it pays off. I will be gone for a week during Thanks