Earning From Home Every Day No Matter What

Last Update: March 02, 2020

This is a snapshot of traffic on my site today. I am averaging at least 20 people per hour on my second website. I have had around 300 per day for the last few days now and today I just reached 400! I will probably top 450 today.

This is amazing! I have had surges in traffic in the past a few times but nothing like this that is sustainable. In the past I had just a handful of times (over 4 years) where a post went viral on social media and took off for a day or two. That was exciting but there are no lasting benefits. With social media a surge like that is not neccessarily indicative of long term success.

Most of this traffic is organic. Some is social media, some is direct, but the majority is organic. That is great news for me because organic searches are generally considered higher quality traffic. They are looking for something in particular vs. just killing time online hanging out on Facebook. If they searched for something and went to our site (assuming we have good content and answer their questions) they are much more likely to make a purchase.

This is why I have such a high conversion rate. My conversion rate on Amazon has been 36% over the last month and 48% over the last week! That is really high. This is because I am reviewing something the searchers are looking for. They already know they are interested when they land on my page.

I was thrilled to realize that now (as long as this continues) I will be earning money every day no matter what. In the middle of the night I am making sales. On the weekends I am making sales. I will make sales when I am at work or if I stay home from work. It does not matter!

This is still not nearly enough to quit my job but it is going so well I can see how that truly is possible in the future. If I wanted to do this full-time, I could run multiple sites successfully and make a decent income.

This may not continue forever but the more I see the more I know it is possible to make a good living with your own websites. The more you learn and the more you experience the more ways you see to make a successful business. It becomes less scary and hard to believe and more tangible.

Here is a snapshot of my traffic to this site since January.

Onward and Upward!!


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EdwinBernard Premium
Congrats Jessica on your sustained performance. May I ask how long has this website been around? I know it takes time to build credibility and traffic. Since I have a MMO website that predominately promotes WA, I know I'll need to be more patient.

Which brings me to my main question. Does it make sense to have two websites where the other promotes a niche on Amazon? Or any other store that sells physical products? It has been a year since I launched my MMO site. So far I have had two referrals and only one upgrade. And this upgrade did nothing and left.

I am not disappointed by saying this. My sponsor Tim also promotes WA and it took him about three years to reach a six figure income. And he feels I will get there as long as I keep writing posts and never give up.

However, I wanted to see if I can earn some income sooner rather than later. And that is the basis for my question.

Thanks for your time.

As always I wish you continued growth in sales.

Swangirl Premium
Hello Edwin,

This site is 2 years old. My other site is older and has much more content. I only have 16 posts I think on this site! I have been getting sales from this site all year though not nearly as many as I am now with the coronavirus posts.

I have a WA site now too (my third site) but I have not done much with it and have no referrals from it. I am very, very glad I have niche sites and I am very glad I have Amazon links. I have tried a few other affiliate programs but Amazon is the best for me so far (other than WA which is awesome).

Since I have two websites with Amazon links, all those potential sales go to one account on Amazon Affiliates. All the sales are pooled together. That is part of my success right now. I am still getting sales from my pet site as well as these ones from my second site. This means I get paid every single month since all the sales are pooled together. If I had 5 or 10 separate affiliate programs I would have to get WAY more sales in order to get paid each month because most affiliate programs have a payout threshold you must reach. It may be $20 or $50 or even $100 depending on the program. Some might be only $10 but it seems many start at $20 and up. So I would have to get enough sales in one of the programs to get paid. If I had one sale in one program and one in another I probably wouldn't get paid (unless I sell very high end items). It could literally be a year before you get paid!

With Amazon I have dozens of links from 2 websites all pointing to the same affiliate program so it is very easy to meet the payout threshold each month. At the beginning I may have only gotten paid once every other month but I have been getting paid every month now for several years!

Now with my new popular posts I am getting at least 300 visitors per day and making the same amount in 2 or 3 days that I previously made in a month! I don't know how long it will last but even if it peters out in a month or two I will have made some good money in the process and the traffic will help all my other post's rankings.

I am not saying everyone should have multiple websites. In fact it is very, very hard to juggle multiple sites if you have a regular and can't work on this full time. My first site is languishing right now since I am focused on the second site. If you are not making money doing what you are doing or if you are bored and want a change I highly recommend trying something else though.

Many of the successful members here tell of their early trying many, many different types of sites before they found success. Most people don't hit the homerun on the first try.

I am glad I focused on only one site first since it is so hard to keep up with two. I would probably not have the patience to stick it out for years in the MMO niche however. It is just not something I want to write about and research every day. It is much easier to keep going in a niche you are personally interested in. That is different for everyone however. Some people are happy in the MMO niche and do really, really well at it. I think my talent lies elsewhere however. I have some WA referrals but I didn't get any of them from an MMO website.
Kerryo0899 Premium

How did you apply to Amazon considering your two sites using the same affiliate link? Was there a way for you to enter both websites for consideration at the same time?

I can really see the benefit of how you set that up and was wondering about the process you went through for approval.

Thank you!

Swangirl Premium
Hi Kerry,

I had one set up years before the other. I added the second website later but it is common to have multiple sites under the same affiliate account. I don't remember the exact steps now.

I no longer have an Amazon affiliate account.

EdwinBernard Premium
Hi Jessica,

Something strange happened. I just got a notification today that you had responded to my question. Only to find that you had done so 6 months ago.

I apologize not getting to this sooner. Otherwise I would have responded earlier too.

Thanks for taking the time to give me such a detailed account of how your websites are doing.

Since I asked this question, I have written 90 posts on my MMO site. My sponsor Tim, earns over $10K a month purely through WA referrals. It took him 3 years to reach $8K and 5 years for $10K. He only has one website.

Hence, I have decided to stay focused and use some of Kyle's training on how to promote WA.

I sure appreciate your suggestions though.

I hope you are handling the Pandemic well. Oh I meant to ask you. Fran also lives in Alaska. Do you know of her?


Swangirl Premium
Thanks Edwin, this is very outdated now however. Since then everything has changed for me and my sites.

First of all Bing stopped ranking my posts and I had been getting the majority of my traffic through Bing on my Nutrient Cures site. Then Amazon shut down my account. They both claim it was because I was writing about Covid. Amazon will not pay the $600 it owes me since they claim I violated the terms but of course when I signed up to Amazon there was no Covid 19 yet so there was nothing about it in the agreement. They have fine print that they can change the rules any time however.

So not only do I not make any money from Nutrient Cures, now I don't make any money from my pet site either since they were under the same affiliate account.

Then this spring when my husband was in the hospital, I get notified I am in trouble with the Federal Trade Commission. They say I have to immediately take down my posts that relate to Covid. I said I am not a doctor and said there was no cure but they claim I implied there was a cure and was misleading people. I took down all the posts that discussed Covid. This was very upsetting since I had spent a lot of time finding studies to show how certain supplements worked and linked them so my readers could see the studies for themselves.

Then just last month I was contacted by my State Attorney General's Office and told they are investigating me and my website. Since I was listed as having a site that discussed Covid, they are now investigating me.

It just never ends. I took down all the content on the website.

Thank you for checking in though.

BenjisDad Premium Plus
congrats Jessica. this is how it starts... that hockeystick curve is in your near future. low hanging fruit keywords and sheer determination.

i am actually quite surprised to see that it is a 'health' related website. with all of the 'EAT' and authoritative stuff going on, it's good to see that with good keyword selection, YMYL type topics can still gain traction.

congrats... give it a few more months and I am almost sure that yoru site will be consistnely generating big bucks. keep creating and looking for other ways to monetize. stack the streams!
Swangirl Premium
I am surprised a health site is doing so well too! I was very worried with all the announcements from Google last year regarding these. There is so much demand for coronavirus info right now that I can still get tons of traffic even though Google is penalizing me I think. Though my posts are very popular and #1 on Bing and Yahoo, they are far down on Google now. They started high, went down and stayed down.

On my other posts and on my other site, Google traffic is by far the greatest source. On these posts, Bing is the big one followed by Yahoo, Google, Facebook etc. I am getting many times more traffic from Bing than from anything else now.

I hoped last year that eventually health sites would just get more traffic from the other search engines once searchers eventually figured out what Google was doing. Sure enough, that is happening now! I slowed down for awhile but saw I was getting a steady trickle of traffic to my posts and sales from them, so I started adding more content. I guess I was poised to take advantage of the current situation.

Ryan0909 Premium
Jessica this is amazing! Congrats!

I like how you said you're making sales while you sleep! That is my dream and I know it's achievable through WA!

Amazing job and keep it up! I see you making enough to quit your job in the near future!

Thanks for sharing :)

Swangirl Premium
First thing every morning I check my sales. It is a great way to start the day now! Thanks!
Islandgirl29 Premium
Wow that is great! How long have you been with WA? This gives me hope and motivation!! I am a follower now and would like you to check out and follow me too!
Good luck and onward!!
Swangirl Premium

I have been with WA for 4 years. I have had this site (my second) for two years. I only worked on it sporadically though. I have a regular job and side business already so I don't have as much time to devote to this as I would like. Considering that I am thrilled beyond belief with this result!

HustleTeam Premium
I appreciate your remark about it becoming more tangible. That's what I feel a lot of us need for encouragement. We need to realize how within reach this is. Keep it going!
Swangirl Premium
It is amazing when it just starts happening and it doesn't even seem real!!!! Thanks!