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Last Update: August 19, 2015

I just read a profile of one of our members here at Wealthy Affiliate. One of her statements was that she laughed at inappropriate moments. Who hasn't? Maybe it's just me, and I am the only other person that has done that. I laugh when I am nervous, I laugh or give the impression of laughing when I think someone has made a statement that seems out of line. Maybe that would be a snort, but it comes out sounding like an abbreviated laugh. But, most of all I love to laugh, to find the humor in things. If not, I would be crying a lot.

With a friend, I once went to a laughter yoga class. Interesting concept. As a group, we practiced laughing at anything. First, we had some instruction on how to get that belly laugh going, without any particular stimulation. Then each person would make some sort of statement and we would each reach inside ourselves and laugh at what they had said, whether it was funny or not. Comments seemed to come out of our mouths about the statements and increase the laughter. Pretty soon we were, nodding our heads as the person presented their statement, giggling through the statement, and outright guffawing to each and every person as we went around the circle. Oh my, how contagious was that? How much fun was it to just release all the stress of the day?

It wasn't so much that everything said was funny, it was that we came together to learn to laugh, period. To learn to find that place where if things were just going wrong we could stop and remember to just belly laugh our way out of misery. So, when I get down with myself and I am not making the progress I think I should be making, for whatever reason in my online business, I stop and find my moment and outright guffaw the misery away.

Well, just a thought. Perhaps you might find a laugher yoga class near you and give it a whirl. I think it is a growing movement.

Laughing all the way,


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I absolutely love and relate when you wrote how if you didn't laugh you would be crying a lot. Finding the humor in things is one of my favorite things to do because it is so cathartic and therapeutic. Now I might have to try that class!!!!
suzydollars Premium
You were the inspiration for remembering that class. Good luck! Suzy
Calypso47 Premium
Someone in my network of friends--her late mother and I were friends in high school--is a laughter therapist. Apparently it is very helpful, as has been your experience.
allchristie Premium
Suzy - I am a long time laughter supporter although with my "to the limit" Aussie humor, I sometimes lose the moment here in Utah from having to pause to explain it. I have attended laughter lunches of up to 400 people (in city parks in Australia led by an Italian baritone even) to laughter yoga (outdoors in winter - in the snow- here in Utah. My personal favorite is Laughing Clam." This works well with kids using TRAX (light rail) as it usually involves the whole carriage. People around here know me as O'Larry the Clown.
Good luck finding a group ~ or perhaps, you might start your own. Great post. Larry