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August 19, 2015
I just read a profile of one of our members here at Wealthy Affiliate. One of her statements was that she laughed at inappropriate moments. Who hasn't? Maybe it's just me, and I am the only other person that has done that. I laugh when I am nervous, I laugh or give the impression of laughing when I think someone has made a statement that seems out of line. Maybe that would be a snort, but it comes out sounding like an abbreviated laugh. But, most of all I love to laugh, to find the humor i
Here goes, I haven't written a blog in many years, but I learned from a teacher many years ago that you get inspiration from all around you. How do you start? There are so many ways. You can play word games to kickstart your imagination, go to a museum, visit the zoo, just about any event, take a walk in the park, people watch just about anywhere, visit some funky shops, or just look around your home and open your eyes to what you have and care most about, go to your favorite haunts. Once yo