Work Hard. Stay Focused. Have Faith.

Last Update: August 04, 2018

You know that single-minded focus that a cat has when it is about to pounce or chase a toy? That's the feeling I have been trying to capture since I joined WA. Laser focused. Single minded success.So when , I had to take a couple days off WA last week because I had family visiting, I didn't want to lose my momentum. Even so, it's so nice to just take a short break on your own terms whenever you want to and knowing you can just pick right back up again!

Since I haven't made any money yet, but I like to see concrete results for my effort, I have been keeping an eye on my WA rank to help stay focused. I've been consistently trying to stay active on chat, feedback and my blog daily in addition to writing loads of content. A couple days ago, after my family left, I logged on and my rank had gone down for the first time since I joined WA from about 8500 to 9500 in two days. Considering I started around 122000 a month ago today, it wasn't that much of a ding, but I hated the lack of momentum.

I've worked hard the next couple days to get back on track. Still much to do, but when I logged on this morning after a couple long days my rank had gone from 9500 to 1989 :). It's a nice feeling to know my hardwork is paying off in some way, even if I haven't made a dime yet. Thanks to WA for creating a system to help push us all along, even when the going is rough. It's the little things that can really help make a difference in your mindset. I am eager to post my first sale, but for now a huge rank jump will have to do.

Remember no matter what's happened in the past, you can always turn things around.Work hard, stay focused and have faith everyone. Sometimes, no one needs that reminder more than me.

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MartinJ2 Premium
Great post Susanne, I have just had a similar experience with a family visit. After they left I got my head straight back into it. I have trouble keeping focused, so they only way for me is to develop laser focus, that always brings you back to the target. Because we are operating our business at home, it is sometimes a little difficult to keep focussed with every day life distractions, so I fully understand where, you are coming from..
firstlearn Premium
Focus is very important.

EandS2018 Premium
Faith always pays off.