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This social media thing is kind of tricky for us people over 35. I feel like I am still trying to find out the best way to use it for promotion while all the young ones can do it in their sleep. I have a facebook page for my site, and I have Google + page. I've managed to find some groups related to my niche and post a few of my articles. I just started getting a few more people I didn't know to like my website today on FB, which I guess is good but still not getting much engagement from peo
August 08, 2018
A day ago I logged onto WA email and I had an email from one of my networks saying - "Now that you have made your first sale, do this" . I was baffled and quickly logged onto the network. There it was - 24 cents to my name! It may seem like a small thing and it is, but considering I have only been online for a month and four days, it made me smile. Hopefully it is a tiny step on a much larger journey to find a new life filled with happiness and freedom.Have you had a first sale moment on WA -
You know that single-minded focus that a cat has when it is about to pounce or chase a toy? That's the feeling I have been trying to capture since I joined WA. Laser focused. Single minded success.So when , I had to take a couple days off WA last week because I had family visiting, I didn't want to lose my momentum. Even so, it's so nice to just take a short break on your own terms whenever you want to and knowing you can just pick right back up again! Since I haven't made any money yet, bu
So I find myself getting slightly frustrated with some of those close to me in regard to my new site. I am really treating this like a new direction and new career path, but they don't seem to genuinely take it seriously. They subtly try to push me in directions I don't want to go and remind me I'll have to go find a "real" job once my disability payments are gone. All I want to do is build this up so I have some independence and don't find myself in another job that causes me so much angst a
Dear Amazon,I was excited to be an Amazon Associate.Maybe that is naive, but I think you have great deals and a quality processsing system set up that is, for the most part, reliable to its customers. Those things are great for new online businesses and I felt comfortable recommending that people purchase through your site. My only reservation when I signed up was the reputationof how you treat your warehouse employees. Now I've found that you don't treat affiliate marketers that support your
One of my biggest weaknesses has always been asking for help when I need it. I have always felt like the only person I can really count on is me and I expect myself to be able to figure it all out. Whether it's posting questions in Live Chat or sharing my site on social media, I am always worried I am somehow putting people out simply by asking for their support or guidance. Writing that out makes me see how ridiculous those thoughts are - in reality no one has to help, and so what if they do
July 22, 2018
Hi everyone,I have always been the type of person who works obsessively once I am focused on a project. The illness that caused me to lose my job forced me to be much more aware of how that determination can go awry if left unchecked. Starting a new site has been an exciting and inspiring process for me, but with so much to do I find myself slipping into old habits of not making enough time in the day to take care of myself. I am curious as to what everyone does to find that balance between b
July 21, 2018
I've noticed a lot of people on WA who are in search of a completely new direction in life, with more time for hobbies, family and travel. People are worried, scared, overwhelmed and excited all at once. I would say this sentiment sums my journey up pretty well too. I've found that the posts I find most powerful and inspiring from other members discuss how they had the courage to venture in a totally new direction to change their lives. With that in mind, I thought sharing my own story could
Hi everyone,So I have been on Wealthy Affiliate for 4 days, although I have learned so much it feels more like 4 months. I am already at the end of Level 2 training and I just want to say a big thank you to everyone in the community who has help push me forward. I am so thankful to recieve all your messages, comments, feedback and knowledge. In four days my site is off and running and I have truly enjoyed the process of creating it all. Special thanks to Kyle and Carson for creating such and