I Take Responsibility - And should Be Punished If It Is A punishable Offence !

Last Update: February 10, 2019

Greetings dear Madam/sir

my name is goodluck nnamdi and I am from Africa, Nigeria to be precise and I hold a b.sc degree in banking and finance and although I did not want this to be my first blog post nor did I ever want any of my blog posts to be related to something like this in any way. Well "Circumstances alter events" which is why I am thinking of the right ways to arrange my words so I can sincerely express myself in words about how I really feel right now .

Here Is My Story

I left the university about 3 years ago and due to some mistakes which I solely take responsibility for I was unable to immediately go for the national service and this has hindered my ability to secure a real job. I have tried odd jobs, worked with Pepsi as a merchandiser, I have been able to be part of an adult education center, I have been a teacher in a junior secondary school, been a sales person but one thing I long for is to be my own boss( yes I would be plain, no need to lie) and from the change I am already seeing in my life, not talking about finance, and this is what WEALTHY AFFILIATE can give me that and I am 100% willing to work for it.

For The past 4-5 months at least once a day, I would login to my wealthy affiliate account and read a bunch of "success stories " then work a bit on my training and tasks, this I used as a devotional.

Yes Wealthy Affiliate was my person self help devotional because during this time I was fighting with the final "pull" of my gambling addiction which started about 2years ago, trying to stop gambling but failing at every try, I was completely lost in a torturing maze like life style as a result of my excessive gambling which almost made the mother of my son break up with me "o My beautiful Preye" well we did not and WA is part of what stopped that from happening and as a matter of fact , we just spoke on phone while I was writing this post and my son too which I would not have mentioned if not for the magnitude of offence I think I have committed. I THINK I BROUGHT IN THE SPAMMERS !!!

To The Court Room

Please before I proceed I would like it to be made known that I do not want pity, the story I shared is in no way aimed to solicitate pity from anybody in other interfer with my judgement then change my punishment, I am fully aware that there are rules governing this organization and I am soppused to adhere to them although I had not found them anywhere, but there has not not been a reason to ask until now but thank God I tried to get this info from Kyle earlier. He was the first friend I had here

This is my CASE

After completing the "Getting started" lessons, I knew it was time for me to take that Big step to go premium which I did and since then I have been working on my first blog post which still contained about 85% of the story above (see why it should not be seen as a point of pity! , I want my Story to be only as a source of inspiration to people and not pity,please

while I was a starter member, after a chose my niche based on my passion of waningt to be a speaker of some sort, maybe motivational speaker (as I am still learning that too) I started a campaign on solving unemployment with wealthy affiliate and using wealthy affiliate banners and some fancy photos I created for my brand, I had already started gaining followers. Real people who where also on the same struggle as I was, they needed the light and here I am offering wealthy affiliate, they where very skeptical about it but not until I went premium which showed my seriousness to my small group of followers and they took me seriously too. it's a milestone to me and I treasure every moment of my premium features unlocking ( a feeling I will never forget)

I had now told them of the full strength of WA and one by one they began picking interest in Wealthy Affiliate and I can boldly say that every member who has signed up using my link are real people who are also looking for legitimate businesses to invest in, all I did was offer a sincere review about WA and they they wanted to join, Now they are joining bearing in mind that they would need to go premium to get the best out of WA which I believe is Good For Them, WA and Myself.

I had always thought having referrals that had there mind on made up of wanting to learn about affiliate marketing meant Good news for my self and WA but tonight I feel like I am wrong, when I saw the post about new spammers I knew it might get to do with my new sign ups which is not up to 6 +plus some I had while I was a starter member. I think my sign ups are the reason for the blog post on spammers and this has made my long gone fear to resurface. I never wanted to offend anyone here including Kyle and Carson.

I promised to be truthful I am aware that people in my country are not allowed to sign up for the free account but from what I understood, I was able to join directly as a premium member so in essence I was allowed to join anyway. So after reading about wealthy affiliate on the blog from where I ended up registering ( I still wish I knew that person so I could thank him or her for being sincere enough yet very persuasive to ignited a spark in me that made me join although not premium at first. When I think about my life before I joined wealthy affiliate and my ability to finally join WA as a free member was total Divine in nature to me actually even though it could be wrong, but it had to be GOD, because I know I was able to finally quit gambling because of that singular act, and since I have been here I have only focused on my training. Any smart member here should do just that. The training here really works and I know it. I have been able to get about some of my posts indexed on google already so it has got to be working right?

Now some new members which maybe did not really register through me are causing a fuse in the community and I take responsibility because I know I invited some new affiliates recently and plead to be forgiven if I did so in a wrong way, every one I invited are actual real people who at some point in time have been exposed to the the "very contegous success stories" happening here in WA and they wish to be part of it.

This may not be because I have really earned any thing but I know "Success Is Happening here" and I have been able to make them see the great opportunity within this platform and they are willing to follow my steps I know some while diffinately go premium which is without restriction. And to the real people I have been able to network with, I have told them to always use there real photo for identification.

I also emphasize so much on the importance of maintaining a high moral standard as the platform I am about to introduce them to is of High Esteem and any immoral behaviour might result to serious problems. They are warned to focus on there training and never bring up senseless conversations unless they have a question concerning there training. this way reducing any form of uncontrolled behaviour while they learn. These people just like me are struggling and will be willing to make an investment as long WA can touch there life's as it is touching mine.

If in any way I had fualted the rules or offended this great community that has helped me take back control of my life and give it a meaning, I really will not feel very hurt if they pass a strict punishment on me, I have experienced great amounts of emotional hurt in my life as a result of my gambling loses but I think this would be the biggest loss of the century if I end up lossing my WA membership. Still I will just learn my lessons once more and move on, it would be painful but if that becomes my faith, I would sadly say Bye to every one who has been is a blessing to me.

Okay let me plain, along my second year I got involved in problem gambling which really ruined me but aside that I was never invoked into any other illegal activity, I am one person who believes that crime will never pay me but right now I feel as though I have committed a very big felony. An elder has associated a #nagative tag to some thing I think I might be part of and I want to take a proactive step of taking responsibility of it, and even if I will get punished I would also want to be part and parcel of getting it undone. I never want to be part of anything that would disrupt the peace I met in Wealthy Affiliate when I first joined the platform and I have not stopped to confess the great HOPE wealthy affiliate provided for me which was what helped finally over come my gambling problems and solve unemployment.

I decided to give back, to the world, I was going to create a blog on addiction but that was after I finish my websites on unemployment which is just a narrowed version "make money online" niche which I had learnt to do here at WA (Affiliate BootCamp and a touch of Jaaxy) this way I will be helping people over come the problems of unemployment by offering them Wealthy Affiliate and getting a commission out of it which is still what I learnt to do here. I also want start a coaching program to help gamble addicts over come the struggle by offering them the different products that helped me retrace my steps, and maybe earn commission along the way.

Also remember that before I saw the post about spammers, I had already sent Kyle a private message wanting to talk to him about me and my affiliates , a attached an indication that it was important but I have not gotten a reply yet. I really mearnt no harm and if there is a way to check for spammers here on WA I would love to be part of it, that's if I don't lose my account after tonight, I really meant no harm and I wish to be here, and sincerely WA is all have got when it comes to creating wealth and staying focused with my addiction problems which is currently at level zero now and all thanks to you all, your success stories they helped me.

I really do not fully understand the word spammers, but I have checked up just my dictionary, and don't think any body I have referred would be involved in this act as I always mention the importance of being real, and avoiding such offensive activities, unless this is completely not my affiliates but then I have finally been able to update my FIRST BLOG POST and it's another thank you to WA . #2500+ words wow. l see progress

I am still working on content creation and gradually working on my writing skills and it is quite unfortunate that my First blog post might not be well written or organized, and it has happened to be an "I am sorry" kind of post but sure it would be a 100% unique content and am proud of that too even if it will be my last here.

So here Is a summary of it all.

  • I take responsibility of the "not so trust worthy new referrals" causing the spammer "alert" because I knew I invited new referrals on a rapid using the maybe not the best of means but the same as the one I mistakenly used to register some time ago. Yea it was divine, but also a mistake( I could swear).
  • while trying to blend in and also change the world with WA, I did not hide my identity here even though I came in uninvited.
  • I stayed my lane, focused on my training and am still trying to put enough content on my free websites given to me here so I can finally buy a domain name and get them transferred to a dot com.
  • Suddenly new member are causing a panic here and I really wish it is not as bad as I think
  • but if it is, I wish to be judged and punished accordingly (though I plead to be forgiven even if I have to do a community service)
  • If there is a way check "spammers", I.e if I am not considered one of them already, if there is a way to do that, some one should please share with me so I can also help check and spread the awareness,
  • I really wish Kyle and Carson would take there time to look into my case please with every member of the community included, I came here with absolute no harm in mind or desire to offend any body, I am just on a jouney of self actualization and I desire a chance to learn and grow.
  • If there are standardized ways of recruitting affiliates please that how I want to do it, I really want to be here with out fear or problems.

I want to be able to solve unemployment myself, and I am willing to abide and adhere to any rule or regulations governing this platform which was why I messaged Kyle earlier.

Too many words some times are considered lies, and they would never fill a basket, mybswlf along with a few new members are actual people who are solely concerned with the quality training WA offers and this was what I shared with them, they people I referred are serious minded youths and they are all focusing on there training I created a small group on what's app to motivate and inside inspire them frequently and soon if given the chance would go premuim and I humbly plead that we are all given a chance a grow. Please the training here is equal to no other as long as I am concerned.

It Is The Real Sauce !!!!

I wwant to learn how to do it myself and only WA has the ability to offer me that .

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SondraM Premium
I like the real sauce. I hope that people that you know were not the ones that caused problems. If there were, I suppose you just know what NOT to do in the future.

There are so many success stories on the Youtube of people like yourself that messed up their life for a while. Yet, they learned their lesson and decided that their past does not determine their future. They determine their future.

Dewayne Johnson (The Rock) a wrestler and movie star is a perfect example. He used to get in all kind of trouble, ended up in jail, broke.... more trouble. Yet, he decided to take responsibility, just like you did and he became determined to succeed.

You can do it....
SugaH Premium
Thank you for the reassurance! I really don't have another choice but to " take responsibility, remain focused and then succeed! This has got to be my story.
On the other hand, I pray that I wasn't the one who let the dogs out, or getting involved in anything of that nature. I am obviously learning more about WA daily and this also includes what should and should not be done.
I really want to use my story to effect change globally and time will tell that.
Thanks for stopping by, I do appreciate.
SondraM Premium
For both of us today.... we shall focus on writing content....
Ahimbe Premium
Your story is deep. I hope this drives you to build your website and propell you forward.
SugaH Premium
Yea, that's the aim bro, but I just picked a random niche to try things out first after which I will start work on my personal dreams and aspirations as you advised. Am new to the online world so I want to get some experience 1st, don't know if you relate?
Ahimbe Premium
I relate completely. But I have seen your work. You are doing well.