My Online Struggles :

Last Update: November 11, 2016

Hello my WA Friends,

Today I decided to write a blog post... I haven't done one here for quite awhile... but in a different way.

Unlike my other blog posts, this one is being written as I think, to pour out my thoughts and feelings as they come.

First of all, I just wanted to say that having been away from WA for over a year and finally coming back again hasn't been an easy thing. Some of the people whom I used to interact with are no longer here. I actually notice and feel their absence on my Google+ posts. Fair enough, I understand that life does get in the way. :(

BUT there are always lots of new faces here and I know that I will be able to meet lots of interesting people and make new friends. :)

AND I am also comforted that when I ask for help, I am still able to get some responses in answer to my questions. It's very reassuring to know that these kind people have taken the time to notice and offer their help. For those wonderful people, I am most grateful.

Many changes have taken place within WA in the months I had been away such as Cookie laws?, Google Penguin?, and maybe other internet stuff that I am not even aware of. Lots to catch up! And yes, I do fall under the category of people who know not and don't know they know not! :0

BUT I know it's all in here, somewhere... I need look no further... and if I needed to, just ask and it will be found! :D I just need to keep on learning...

Some Things Bugging Me

Perhaps, it might be better to pose them as questions rather than in this post? But here goes anyway...

I dread to say this but out of ignorance and doing things on my own instead of following the training

1) I have been deleting posts from my websites and transferring them to different websites, back and forth too!!!

2) Changing the Titles of my pages/posts and changing the permalinks

How can I repair the damage done in #1 and #2?

3) Still confused and undecided about whether I should use a personal Fb account or set up a Page, same goes for Twitter, will I need one for each niche?

SO, I just needed to get these things off my chest... DONE... but if you have any advice for me please do so, or point me in the right direction.

Maybe also learn from my mistakes! :D

I appreciate you and your valuable time.

Have a lovely weekend!

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Asamad Premium
I'me just a beginer and learning from my mistakes and everybody mistakes as well...but i guess if you follow the courses here at WA and practice them directly after the course should be okay...wish you all success..Cheers
Ultimateless Premium
There is no easy answer here Sue Tay, you will need to learn how to use Google Webmaster Tools to undo the damage you have done. On there you can remove old permalinks, have your URL's indexed and through Structured Data Markup clean up your posts. You need to go through the training here and work through your problems one by one. It won't take you long though if you manage a training a day.
suetay Premium
Thank you so much, Michael. I really appreciate your kind advice.
I had some vague idea it could be fixed with Google Webmaster though I have yet to reach that level of training. For now I will fix my mind on ploughing through the training and worry about tidying up later.
kmotte Premium
Thanks for asking the question above. I also want to know more about #3. I heard pros and cons of using persaonal account (not the one you use for real personal use) and creating a business/fan page. I think I need to gather the pros and cons and put them is a chart.
suetay Premium
I am thinking of creating a new personal Fb account separate to my real personal account. I already have a Fb page for my websites. Please let me know the approach you decide on.
kmotte Premium
I already created a Keith Wa fb account but I still haven't made the final decision yet. I asked a question here and receive some responses here:
suetay Premium
Let me ask the WA community and see what responses I get.
SamiWilliams Premium
It is hard to get going again after a few days away, It is bound to be after a longer time.

Evidently, you have a mission or you would not be here. Congratulations on getting started.

suetay Premium
Hi Sami, lovely to hear from you and thank you for checking in! :)
I hope that you have been making good progress.
JoyNelson Premium
No advice comes to mind but I am.glad you chose to come back. We all make mistakes. Learning from our mistakes helps of course, but it's important to stay positive and continue to trust yourself. Seems like you are doing a fantastic job! -Joy
suetay Premium
Thanks Joy for your encouraging words.