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Last Update: January 28, 2014

Hey, Been learning from WA. {all together over a month) Found out today that my website is ranked #1 on Google. I am totally blown away by this. All I have done is write about 5 pages and a few post.

Been Slow learning due to life. (Holidays, Mom in hospital, and me out of work 2 yrs. now) But this gives me new hope, even if I have not sold anything yet. I am moving forward with lessons and I am going to make this work! With the great support I have here at WA how can I lose! I have had to retrain myself to do task because my whole work career I have been told what to do and how to do it. But now I have to come up with my own what to do today and WA provides the how to do it. Not only do I follow the lessons laid out, But I also follow the latest advice and all the videos related to my progress.

WOW I still pumped about ranking! HA HA HA. Anyway I wanted to share this with the WA community. Going to take a small break to fully soak in this achievement then it's back to work. I want to thank all the people who are following me. I really appreciate everybody. Thanks to all who provide lessons through videos or other means. Lastly I want to thank the special people who have given me advice or have read my venting of problems. (You know who you are) Ok, People good luck and keep moving forward in your quest.

Please check me out at

Danny Thurman Out! LOL

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6lifetime21 Premium
hi Fantastic. Good for you. This is what we all like to hear. Cheers Carolena
CrystalDavis Premium
Blessings44 Premium
Great work Danny! It feels so good to get ranked. Keep it up. Lydia.
kws123 Premium
Great...a step forward
Inspiration1 Premium
Congratulations on your achievement. Keep it up. My best wishes for your success and happiness.