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Last Update: December 30, 2018

Hello everyone,

Another year is coming to an end and I hope everyone did great and 2019 to bring more success to all.

I would like to ask for some help from our community regarding my website. My site is an Amazon affiliate one and I use links for both Amazon US and Amazon UK. As we know, all Amazon stores have a minimum sales limit in order to keep your account active which is 3 sales per 6 months.

In this 1 year I am a member here in WA I never had problems with the US Amazon as I manage to make a few sales every month. But with the UK Amazon store it's been very hard to keep the minimum limit. I already asked an extension one time from customer service and they granted it but this ends in January the 16th. After this my account will be disabled.

So I ask your help in this. If anyone is using the UK Amazon store and would like to help me I ask you to use my affiliate links to do so. I know that normaly what I ask is against the rules and could have me banned but this is not a request that I would ask in a normal situation. I only need these 3 sales to keep my account active. I know that I can reapply in case my account is closed but this would mean that I would have to remake all my links for the Amazon UK store in more than 100 posts that I already have which is great time consuming.

So if anyone can help in this I would greatly appreciate it and would be very much helpful. And I also ask from the admins to be a little elastic on my request as I would normaly wouldn't ask for something like this that could potentially ban my acount here in WA.

I will not post any links in this blog. Anyone that wants to help me can find my website link in my profile.

Thank you for your time and wish everyone to have a good and productive 2019.


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ownonlboss Premium
Best to just re-apply when it runs out or alternatively forget about the uk bit entirely. At least until you see any interest at all. I got my US Amazon sales and hence I am keeping that. I had for every other country but there seems never to come in a sale so I will wait with those until I get more international traffic on my site.

Nb never ask here for affiliate clicks.

haroda Premium
I agree with Steven. I do not use CA Amazon because I live in the US. Also, there are a lot of different affiliate company available. Do not focus only with Amazon.

Best wishes for a great 2019!!!