Amazon Canada Associates Program problems

Last Update: June 27, 2020

Hello everyone,

I am writting because I need to somehow let some steam go as I haven't been so frustrated for a long time now. We all know that the Amazon affiliate program in general is going from bad to worse but what is going on with the Amazon Canada associates program is on a whole new level.

Some time ago I had applied for the Amazon Canada program and as they always do they immediately accept you and later they confirm your acount. So I started using their links as per normal and everything was going fine. As I have a lot fo traffic in my website right now I started getting clicks almost immediatelly and I even managed to make 2-3 sales in my first couple of weeks.

And suddenly 11 days ago I got an email from them saying that because the couldn't access my website my acount will be closed immediately!!!! I was shocked with this development as everything seemed to be going smooth so far. The mistake was that they were trying to enter my website by using http and not https and for that reason they couldn't open it!!!!

And here is the first completely illogical thing. They must have been able to see that I drive traffic to their webiste, they see the clicks and sales I was beggining to bring them. Shouldn't they at least send me a warning with the problem? Nooooooo....immediate closure was their action, no questions asked.

But this was only one part of the problem. When trying to contact the team I am always getting the same automated reply that their email is unavailable. I have contacted retail by chat 5 times already and they all have forwarded my request but 11 days in and no reply yet from the associates team.

Today as I called a 6th time the retail they told me that only if i call by phone they can connect me with that team. So these teams are completely separated, they don't know what is going on, chat is unavailable, email is unavailable and only phone is working??? And since I am not living in Canada I will have to pay extra charges for calling by phone....

To say I am mad is an understatement. I am furious with the Canada Associates team. Not only you cannot contact them either by chat or email, they take action without asking anything first and the only way to speak to any of them is by phone through the retail team????

By far the worse customer service I have ever seen in all my years using the internet. It's like these people don't care about us affiliates at all. If there is anyone thinking of using the Amazon Canada associates program I would suggest to do so only after serious consideration. Their customer service is practically non excistent so if any problem appears you will not be able to solve it in any way possible.

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JeannineC Premium
Sadly, Amazon has always treated their affiliates badly; always has, always will.

You won't ever get your account reactivated. The best you'll get is an offer to rejoin and swap all your links to your new Publisher ID.

So you have two choices.

You can keep working with Amazon and risk having this happen all over again.

Or you can find other merchants who sell the same or better products. Those merchant programs will probably offer higher commission rates and longer cookies, plus have someone you can actually contact if there are issues.

Since you have to swap out all of your links anyway, why not choose a different path?
Linda103 Premium
Amazon does seem to be going downhill fast Stratos. They have got super greedy. Reducing already low affiliate commissions and it seems, cutting back on staff.
hmblack Premium
That's shocking.
JKulk1 Premium
With all those issues I don't blame you for being upset. Jim