Women Are Truly Amazing!

Last Update: March 09, 2021

This morning I read the blog posted by Cassi of Troy regarding today being International Women's Day and I thought immediately how amazing most women really are. My hat is off to any and all women in general but to moms more specifically. If you've ever wondered how strong, faithful, determined, courageous, brave, clever, powerful, etc... moms really are just try being one.

I Tried It... It Didn't Work

My first wife died when our youngest (daughter) was only 10 years old and I tried (unsuccessfully I might add) to be a mom for a while. Without going into the whole story I'll just say that my daughter asked me to get married again so she could have a 'mom'. I had no intension of marrying again but after my failed attempt at being a mom decided that it would be best for my daughter if I did.

God miraculously brought me just the right woman so it ended up being a win for both me and my daughter but even more than before that whole phase of life, I respect women immensely!

Thanks to ALL of You Women!

And many of you women in WA are still raising families. As I said before... my hat is off to you all! Thank you for all you input into all us men's lives and just for being so strong in everything you do. You are truly an inspiration! I could start naming names of those I respect here in WA but I'd for sure miss some so to ALL of you...Thank You!

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Jesusfan Premium
Steve, I'm so glad God brought you just the right woman for you and your daughter.

And thank you for the very kind post that lifts up women and particularly mothers!
Steve-Allen Premium
Thank you, Lynn. It's not hard to get women to agree with this post but I am speaking from experience and respect!
drjec Premium
You are so right. It's not only what is accomplished but also the support and encouragement that is offered to so many people.
IJohansson1 Premium
Thank you for a wonderful post!!
All the best!
GeoffreyC1 Premium
We wouldn't be here without them!
Formysuccess Premium
Thank you, very sweet of you, cause parenting sure does not come with a book of instruction. We just try our best, and no matter what we do not give up, with prayer and determination we may just get it right.