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Plan Thoroughly but be Thoroughly FlexibleThis is going to be a short post but will hopefully make a point that I have to live my life by.Everyone talks about a plan but I've heard few talk about being flexible with your plans as different situations arise. Some of us are super administrative. List here. List there. Plan for this. Plan for that. I actually have a small Gumby and a Pokey on my desk to remind me that even though I have a plan I have to be flexible or I'll repell those I want to g
March 08, 2021
This morning I read the blog posted by Cassi of Troy regarding today being International Women's Day and I thought immediately how amazing most women really are. My hat is off to any and all women in general but to moms more specifically. If you've ever wondered how strong, faithful, determined, courageous, brave, clever, powerful, etc... moms really are just try being one. I Tried It... It Didn't WorkMy first wife died when our youngest (daughter) was only 10 years old and I tried (unsuccessf
The best athletes all have one thing in common... They are NOT people who sit on the sideline and watch. They get in where the action is and work hard. The best are always Action Takers - They don't sit and watch others take action.Successful Business Owners Are Action TakersThe same goes for success in business. If you want to succeed in business, you have to be willing to get in where the action is and as Nike says, "Just DO it!" The saying isn't to watch until you know how. You have to pra
This is my first blog post here on WA but definitely not my first attempt at writing. I've been dabbling in the online marketing business for a long time but only recently found this WA program that has so many people willing to help out those who are just getting started. Kyle and Carson have done a GREAT job of building the 'pay it forward' concept into the platform and I'm sure most of you can imagine, that isn't easy. My hat is off to them and I'd give this a lot of thumbs up. The training