Ooops... The GRAND OPENING of my Website...

Last Update: February 01, 2012

How Little We Know when We Start Down any New Path...  :-)

 I Boldly Proclaimed that I would have my Website Grand Opening, TODAY... 02-01-2012.  (Ooops, Not Quite Ready, Folks!)

I have Learned a Lot!!!  I  have Accomplished a Lot!  I Did Not Know how much Time it takes to fill out info for the Affiliate relationships with other Companies (and that I would have to wait for the approval to come back from them). I Did Not Know how many things I would Do and ReDo on my WordPress Template and How Many Ways I would find to make it Not Quite Right(Still don't have my Bullets showing up; They Disappeared about Midnight Last Night.  In fact, I apparently Ate my About Me, "About My Passion" page early this morning. Most of my Pics are Too Big and I will learn how to change them.)

How Much We Will Grow by Going Down a New Path...

I know I can get incredible help at WA, from all of you!  I Seem to learn by doing things over and over.  It is the only way I can get the info to stick in my head.  (and yet it still is Not Sticking Very Well, but then I Reach a Point where I know What to Ask.) And I am lucky enough to have my sister, Cecily, who came over from California just to hold me on track and support me through these Interesting Challenges!

Where We Will Go by Going Down a New Path...

I tried a Path and Changed My Mind and Went Back and... tried a different path and decided I liked the first one better and... Went Back to the First Path but Modified It and I Know I will modify it again and again.  And I am Happy with that Realization. (this is New for Me, I usually just want things Perfect!)

Get Into the Flow by Starting Down a Path...

Action... Without the Commitment to Reach this Goal (and I have even Allowed myself to Extend the Deadline for that Goal),  I would still be Bogged Down in Trying to Understand what is Not Understandable until I Try to DO Something with the Knowledge.

Eventually Make Some Dough by Going Down this Path...

I have Quit so many things in my Life, some even before I really gave them a chance!  Because of the Attitudes and Support here for Everyone, I want to Play Here!  Not JUST Play Here... but Help Demonstrate that this Works!!!   I will Listen and Learn and Share and Make Money! (and I Want to Help Be a Part of this Working for other People at the Baby-Steps Level!)

Sherry M


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Renni Premium
What a great big heart you must have. I just checked out the Dragon web site and it truly shows your personality and compassion. Keep up the great work. Take care of those grandkiddies! Renni
Labman Premium Plus
Inspiring and familiar. I think we all go through this phase. Guess doesn't stop it just changes. As you get some things under your umbrella, There are new things to take their place. I does get easier though. Keep in mind that when your brain is full... you need to walk away for a bit and process the information. Take some time to enjoy the weather or something else you enjoy. You will be better prepared when you return.