Scatter brain.

Last Update: November 12, 2018

I have a wonderful brain that is alive every moment of the day producing many good ideas and patents but can fail me at times too.

When listening to a tutorial my concentration can fly out the window into the creating world again. It gets so frustrating but I am doing my best to discipline reffeit to be present.

The best way I found to solve this problem of mine is to take notes as I go. I wrote down the Website Building procedure lesson by lesson and step by step as punishment for not concentrating.

It turned out that this way has many advantages ...
I can get the job done without going backwards and forwards from tutorial to site on my phone and it is a wonderful reference for quick access to the procedure when building new sites.

This I can recommend for all new WA members ... makes life so much easier!

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Ruzzty Premium
I also Take Notes while going thru the lessons. They help to clarify the information that was provided and also apply what was presented. Thanks for sharing Russ
Barney44 Premium
You have written about me without ever having met. I have notes placed everywhere trying to remind myself of the thoughts I had. At times need to have notes to remind myself about notes.

I am sure there are lots of other that connect with you on this.

Great article
Stella45 Premium
Thank you!
There are too many thing that interest me and keep running through my mind jumping for one to the other ... lol
Best to you with WA.
NeptuneSiver Premium
JKulk1 Premium
You're not alone with this issue Stella. I just take my time and I don't move forward unless I know for sure what I'm doing. Jim
Stella45 Premium
Thanks Jim!
Yes understanding before continue makes sence and is so important.
I have to pin point it to stay with it though.
All the very best.
Calvinator63 Premium
Hi Stella,

Having an active mind can be daunting at times. I am glad you found a way to stop from drifting away from reality.

I have found that note taking helps me as well I also have found that frequent breaks and standing up also helps.

I think this gives what is being taught a minute or two to sink in before going on to the next aspect of the video and stops me from thinking about . WHAT IF . . . . .

Hope this can be helpful to you as well,
Stella45 Premium
Thank you Calvin I like the idea of short breaks ... but if I give it the slightest chance it will wonder off again, it is really as bad as that... lol
The best way for me is, to sit down, read my notes and re read it before going on.
Thank you for sharing and will definitely try the breaks.