1 MILLION Youtube subscribers GONE and the importance of diversifying

Last Update: December 08, 2017

A Brazilian Youtuber had over 1 millions subscribers in her old channel. Imagine that!

She woke up one day and her channel was simply gone! Her channel was deleted for reasons unknown, and I felt her pain because she had been creating videos successfully for over 2 year. The same amount of time I am building my site with WA.

An important lessons we can learn from this is we must diversify and be extremely diligent with the platforms and strategies we use to get traffic.

We can't count on one traffic strategy. If you have a blog, create a Youtube channel and vice versa. Also, don't underestimate social media.

It's a big risk to rely on Youtube because this platform has proven itself to be unreliable.

This is not the first time I see a Youtubers having their channels deleted.

Think about all the things that can go wrong with your business and start planning to mitigate the risks.

Remember, regardless of the strategy you use to get traffic, it takes a long time to build it.

So, the sooner you start building your second and third source, the less you will suffer in case the first one collapse.

Stay safe!

By the way, her video testimonial is called


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3tripleA Premium
Diversification is so important. It's not ideal to put all eggs in one basket. Thanks for sharing
GiuliaB Premium
I couldn't agree more, Stefan. The other thing I would like to advise is to save your videos on your computer or cloud before posting them directly onto YouTube. Thanks for your blog!

Giulia :)
WilliamBH Premium
Great point Stefan .. Cheers, William.
deanlilly1 Premium
Good idea, thanks.
AlanJE Premium Plus
Sound advice!