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Who Am I?

Me and writing. What do I want to write about? I write to chronicle my "where" as it relates to my writing as an affiliate at WA and as I develop here. Writing in present time is something I dodge. Why? There is a why. What is it? These are topics I want to explore as I write this blog. I have presented the who & what. Where are blogs on WA & my website. Why do I shy from writing? My when as a focus will be addressed. I want to explore these on how they relate to me as a writer.

It seems I have a mental thing about free flow writing. Writing a diary or journal is an easy process. The recall of daily events or things occurred over a period of time are directly related to memory. Free flow writing on the other hand allows thoughts to appear on a page as they emerge in consciousness. Often the writer has a concept on the direction & purpose for writing this type of exposé. I know, there needs to be cohesion & connection of ideas. For some this ability emerges easily or naturally.

What Am I?

My process is different. Few ideas form directly. Numerous hesitations occur as if there is a pause for my mind to reset, readjust, or reform thoughts. A blank space in time exists. Sometimes, the pause is so long, I walk away to return later with refreshed information. Discarding random, unrelated thoughts irrelevant or oppose to connections with my previous writing, I proceed renewed. Often, I revise my idea or discard it completely if the direction it was going had no follow up.

So, what am I am writing about? I am writing on my process & the challenges I have writing to get my article or blog to a satisfactory and refined finished state to be published. A major obstacle to my writing is the status of my brain. After a brain injury, eighteen months ago, I live with the aftermath. To name a few, I am forgetful (many people are), daily headaches (not migraine) in varying degrees of discomfort, pressure, fullness or throbbing accompanied by overwhelming heat causing total debility and incapacitating me for any meaningful work. Cogitation brings on the condition. During these times, I surrender, rest and pray my condition resolves quickly & soon. Due to these occurrences and interruptions, everything I write requires extended time for completion.

My Why & Where

My purpose in these blogs is to chronicle my growth at WA. I believe blogging will help me to refine, define & discover myself. As a novice on this journey, just about everything required to be successful in online marketing is a challenge. From learning the nuances within this platform, the online marketing as a business, my personal training on technology essential for a website to function, monetizing, social media, etc, etc, the list seems endless. Then, there is writing, a crucial piece for success in this business.

In the process of writing this blog, a revelation has emerged. My writing process can be compared to an artist's canvas. It evolves in stages. One place in my writing takes shape. One idea in my writing is formulated. Hence, my frequent return to written texts for revisions.

I welcome this huge discovery. It frees me to know, it is my unique process. This awakening helps me accept who I am as a writer.

Acknowledging this disclosure, frees me to challenge impromptu writing.

My When & How

My goal is one blog per week on my process and progress. Even if only a few words, I must develop a pattern. I must own my development and push it to the next level despite hindrances from any physical setback. Writing is a skill to be developed. I believe WA is the best place to hone that skill. Also, WA is the best platform for learning online marketing as a business. Here we have many avenues to explore & learn from. Internet marketing is an ever-changing business. We will never lack from items to learn.

Thank you for your attention,


Please share your personal discoveries or experiences as a result of your time at WA. It may encourage someone.

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Recent Comments


Hi Mark,

Here at WA, I am learning to allow my process to evolve & develop naturally. As you say, inspiration stimulates the creative process.

Thank you for your input & encouragement.

Hi David,

Thank you for your comments.

I bet you are a wonderful cook.

I believe blogging is a venue we can reveal our spirit. It is non-threatening, non-confrontational, almost anonymous which frees us to reveal our hearts. Multifaceted, complex, poignant, yet a pure glimpse of our true selves comes out in our blogs. Commenting with members here is a place I feel comfortable to do that. This is a place I can grow & learn about me.

I appreciate you allowing me this opportunity to share.


Hi Jacqueline,

I've decided; I will continue to challenge myself at my own pace. With practice I will develop a better & faster process.

Thank you for commenting,

I don't write speedily either, once a week, the next step will be twice a week, I hope.
Enjoy your writing, Lovetta.

Hi Mark,

Writing at speed is not possible for me. Nothing I write is done using speed including texting.

Thank you, Mark for commenting,

Well done for pushing yourself despite having a brain injury Lovetta. That is very commendable.

I have to say I don't usually much like having to write at speed. I like experiencing inspiration and the creative process.

When I'm forced to write fast it just becomes a process of transaction and there is little joy in that for me.

~Mark :)

Mark, I agree with you most definately.

Like planting of a seed, for a gardner. You visualize what the result should look like, yet the process of nurturing with excited expectation; experiencing the stages of growth to a final bloom...I can't imagine an enjoyable writing without process.

Good to see you here as well.
Kind regards, David

Totally David. :) Couldn't have said it better.

Hi Ntam,

Thank you for your input.

Cohesion of ideas does not come easily for me either. Over a dozen revisions were made before I was satisfied & ready to publish. Writing is a skill that evolves with practice.

The great thing about WA, I am learning is to work at our own pace. I believe the training we get here will allow us to create our own method, style & finesse. The confidence we develop here will propel us to success. Just do you & look to the future.

Best wishes for big success,

Hello Lovetta,

I love the way you expressed yourself so clearly and with cohesion and great connection of ideas.

Unfortunately, for some reason or another, this ability does not come to me that easily or naturally.

And yet WA presents us with an opportunity to work on that type of challenge.

Congrats and many thanks for a beautiful and powerful post!


Herein, you described a process I think common to my forming of ideas in writing.
A.) outline my thoughts
B.) write a rough draft
C.) remove myself to some other activity and revisit the work to examine its impact on my renewed perspective

It is my viewpoint that in taking time to culminate thought,
either researching more on the topic, or more simply, bring a simmering to it's raw state, we are allowing our vital energy to
work a certain coherence to the process that will show full color off the page.

This I call "a writer at work" and I should think, though unique to each, the time traveled looks much the same and the better result eventually comes of it.

I like your energy and admire your will in overcoming the challenge you face in your health...set your goals, take your time
and hold onto your happiness

I thank you for writing such a great blog...It is grounding for me.

Respectfully, David


I like your imagery of simmering to its raw state & allowing our vital energy to work a certain coherence is both colorful & poetic.

Continue to be "a writer at work" & I'll do the same.

Thank you for thoughts.

Thanks Lovetta, I am a cook at heart, and adore all things tasteful...when reading someones blog, I am in search of their spirit.

This exists in the way we cook as well, for our greatest dish is one from the heart.

For me, more often "simple living in the present" is something I retain from my mother; A wonderful example of putting a heart and soul to work.

And so do you,my friend, express with a fine spirit and would be my reason to follow your path. In return,Thank you for your thought.

Stay brilliant...I am grateful you are here.

Respectfully, David

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