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Dear WA friends,I came across Easy Sketch Pro as I search from WA blog that a few people recommended this product and as I watched their video I decided to give it a try.I asked their support via Facebook where they can support MacBook on OS 10.7.5 and their response was it will work on any MacBook. Of course, I asked other questions as well before I purchase the product. After I placed the order, Easy Sketch Pro brought me to a page call http://mydotcombusiness dot com (remove the spacing and
December 24, 2015
So fast 2016 will be around the corner. Every year I set a new year resolution with a list of goals I want to achieve. Though I managed to achieve a handful of them, but there are other items which I did not achieve as well. Why is it so? As I looked back, I realised those items that I set out but did not achieve were mainly those items I did not put in effort on daily/weekly/monthly basis to monitor those goals. I just assumed it would come naturally or basically I didn't bother to look at the
December 11, 2015
Last week, we went to our usual place to provide free haircut to a group of around 80 needy and elderly people. We have been doing this for almost 6 years on every quarter. Though we may have our struggles and difficulties in life. I always tell myself that I cannot forget why we are here for. I always tell my managers that we have a group of 70-80 elderly people waiting for us to cut their hair every quarter and we mustn't fail them. So, no matter how tough our business is and no matter how ma
Dear WA friends,I have just written a posts on this article and the way I structured the article is merely based on my experience (no theory or motherhood statements) and also I gather the info from other entrepreneurs as well. I hope this article will inspire you to continue to work on your dreams despite the difficulties that you face at the moment. In my article, i list out the few key characters:- Never Give Up.- Passion- Trust - SalesmanshipOf course there are others as well but I streamli
December 01, 2015
Dear friends,I joined Wealthy Affiliate for the past 1 month and I believe we are living in the information age. Technology will definitely force many employees to be out of job and why should I dream of getting a lucrative job where most of us who experience high paying job may not last long unless you are a "political" animal. For this reason, I am here to share why become entrepreneur.Below are some my of reasons:Be in the forefront to replace big dinosaurs or simple existing MNCs. They have
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