Characteristics Of Successful Entrepreneur

Last Update: December 09, 2015

Dear WA friends,

I have just written a posts on this article and the way I structured the article is merely based on my experience (no theory or motherhood statements) and also I gather the info from other entrepreneurs as well.

I hope this article will inspire you to continue to work on your dreams despite the difficulties that you face at the moment.

In my article, i list out the few key characters:

- Never Give Up.

- Passion

- Trust

- Salesmanship

Of course there are others as well but I streamline only these 4 as I deem these are the main core characters that will help you in the long run.

If you want to know more about the posts, kindly go to my profile and it is titled characteristics of entrepreneur.

Hope this helps,

Do drop me any queries if you have any.


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KatieMac Premium
very well written article one other factor I think needs to be considered is marketing something I am working on now
stanleytee Premium
Yup, I have been thinking of promoting to a product or service from one of the Affiliate program. Any recommendations? I am thinking of Zig Ziglar's e book or Les Brown motivational e book. You have brought up a point where I am not sure whether we can start a sharing within our community to highlight which are the good products or services to promote to our readers. Our readers deserve to get positive and right materials. I am worried about promoting the wrong products so I am personally reading and using the products that I bought so that it will help not harm our readers.
KatieMac Premium
Hi we are not allowed affiliate links here if you are wanting to promote books you can either create your own or join somewhere like amazon if its in your area, other places to look is clickbank, I read recently the google play books are offering a program however it is not available in every country. this bit of training might help you.
stanleytee Premium
Ok noted. Thanks for the recommendation. I have previously written something similar to my posts but it is more complete. I have not reached the level of selling my own ebook yet as I am still learning in Course 3 lesson 3 - focussing on Affiliate programs so that is the reason why it pop in my mind. Thank you for replying and guidance.