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Last Update: May 20, 2018


Hi everybody! I'm on Level 2 Lesson 10. It's the one about becoming a Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador. I'm having a problem with this one! I don't mind helping others out. In fact, I love helping others. It's just I don't feel I know enough to make a learning video or such. I really am still feeling new to all of this.

I guess I will just look for people asking questions I know the answers to and go from there.

Wish me luck...

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Being part of this wonderful platform and community is such an excellent experience and one which really helps us all grow both in technical knowledge and marketing expertise. My take on it is that we are all ambassadors​ of WA.
The best thing we can do is to keep on behalf developing our online presence, by default we share, knowledge, content and support not only to the folks here but also the wider internet community.
Best wishes Sherri, as your journey continues go with the flow.

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. They and you are much appreciated.
I whole-heartedly agree with you on the platform and community being wonderful. That's one of the things that keeps me here.
I look forward to my on going journey.
Have a great day.

Journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step. You'll get there!

Thank you for your words of encouragement. I appreciate it!

I'm sorry the above url shows up as does not exist or unavailable.
Thank you.

I agree with Loes... sort of.

You don't need to be an expert to move your rank towards being an Ambassador. Encourage people that are struggling to believe they can do it, congratulate the successes and where you can, provide helpful insight based upon your own struggles and how you overcame them.

This is all that I've been doing over the last two weeks and suddenly I was told I was in the top 200... and this was a shock to me because I wasn't even trying to increase my rank.

I get involved in the discussions here on WA to help me to stay focused on my goals of building a successful website. It helps me and it helps others. If you just do that, you'll be in the top 200 before you know it - and maybe the top 10. ;-)

Well when you put it that way. : ) I can do that. I'm good at seeing the best in people and encouraging others to reach for the stars.
Have a great day.

Just focus on the training and your website. That´s where the money is. Being an ambassador at WA is a volunteer job, it doesn't pay. Your time will come when you have a good solid and good running website, and you have spare time to spend in the WA community. Success working on your website. Make it an awesome one!

Thank you. Yes working on my website does take a lot of time. I really don't have spare time for much else. My spare time is spent working on my website.

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