WA Support team is the best!

Last Update: December 12, 2013

This morning one of my sites worked fine and then stopped loading and wouldn't do anything for an unknown reason. I tried a few times with no success to get it to come back.

So I submitted a support ticket saying the site wouldn't load. I go out to start the car to warm it up. I come back in and try the site again and it loads just fine.

I figure it must have been my mistake and went to remove the support ticket, I do that.

Then I open my email to find a "support ticket resolved" notification.

They fixed my site in the 20 seconds it took me to go out and start my car.

Now that's Support!!

I've always had quick, excellent service from them but that's a record!

Thanks again guys and girls of our awesome support team!

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judebanks Premium
I haven't had the need to use support yet, but you never know. It is reassuring that it is there when we need it. Thanks for posting. ~ Jude
Carson Premium Plus
Hey Stacy,

I'm glad that we were able to get the website back up and running for you so quickly. We have a goal to get to every support ticket, every question, and help absolutely everyone here at WA in a very timely fashion. We're working hard to make sure this happens and hearing feedback like this is very encouraging and helpful.

Thanks for letting us know!!

Happy blogging :)

Stacydee Premium
You (and the team) definitely succeed at that! As always I'm impressed with WA and the service.
kws123 Premium
Best support I have ever experienced is right here at WA
Stacydee Premium
I second and third that. :)