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Last Update: June 05, 2019

Have you ever been so frustrated, even angry at a business, that if you had the money for an attorney you would sue them? Then continue reading, because the answer to your problems with these large corporations is just a few clicks away.

Several months ago, I was so angry with one of the large telecommunication companies that I started asking my phone how to file a complaint against corporations. Low and behold, my phone gave me the answer. It appears they don’t call them smart phones for no reason. There is a process, which is well worth your time and effort. Before you receive this helpful information, make sure you always have pen and paper ready when dealing with any business. Next, write down the date, time, proper spelling of the individuals name/ID number, and the time the call started and ended. I learned this the hard way. I had gotten all of the above information correct with one exception; I was unaware that various departments had ID numbers. I was told on one of my numerous calls and hours on hold that they were unable to find the individual supervisor without his ID number.

So before you get angry and take it out on the people close to you, here is your solution. This company has been honored by the American Bar Association as the Best Web Tool of 2018. There are steps given to you for arbitration. You will also have a kind, concerned individual who will stay in contact with you by phone and by text and email. There is a small fee associated with this service, really small considering the cost of an attorney. There is also a fifteen minute consultation with a real attorney to answer your questions, and to discuss the amount you’re asking the corporation is within reason. Everything is done online with the exception of the Radvocate individual who will contact you after your complaint has been filed, the attorney (1-15 minute call), and the company you are suing calls to ask you what you should have already put in writing. It’s that simple. This does take some time, so it’s important for you to have patience: 30-60 days. Also don’t forget to write down your email and password used so everything is in one place. There is a dashboard with Radvocate that all your information goes into.

By the way, I won my case thanks to this awesome team. Thank you for your patience with me. Customer service should always be delivered with a smile with the intent of helping the customer, and to give exemplary service. Now the Golden buzzer sounds for,


Ms. Sharon

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EdwinBernard Premium
Bravo Ms. Sharon!

Congrats for winning your case. You may be interested to know that knowing your rights is near and dear to my heart.

In fact, my niche website is devoted to helping people have unlimited access to lawyers for any kind of advice. As well as court representation. All for pennies a day.

My lawyers have fought for my rights many times and saved me lots of money. The best thing was I didn’t have to pay them any hourly rate.

Isn’t it incredible how corporations change their tune when they know you have legal backing?

You got the right idea!


SStubbins1 Premium
Thank you so much for your information on your website. I'm going to get a couple of girlfriends and we're gonna check it out together.
EdwinBernard Premium
You're most welcome!


Mick18 Premium
Thanks for sharing.
SowAndReap Premium
thanks for sharing!
LLettau1 Premium Plus
Thank for the information that I bookmarked.
FKelso Premium
Good information to pass on -- thanks.